Ohio Woman Gives False Testimony To Manipulate Florida Jury #3

Here I am another day in the Lee County Jail, my home for more than 25 months and counting. Because the state of Florida is so desperate to fabricate a case against me and have no physical evidence of any wrongdoing, so they have essentially invented a crime because the alleged victims are judges and the clerk of court for the very court they are trying me in, They have instructed the state attorney’s office to do whatever they can to ruin my life. Even if it means bullying people to give false statements about me, as is the case with Heather Moorehouse from Toledo, Ohio.

The state is trying to help make their case with false and irrelevent testimony from Heather Moorehouse, an alleged witness. They have received special permission from Judge Margaret O. Steinbeck (surprise, surprise) to obtain a pre-recorded video testimony from Ms. Moorehouse recorded on April 4, 2018, and to be used as trial testimony when this trial finally occurs. What is important to understand is that this has never been done with a self-represented individual such as myself, so there are no rules of procedure or case law to support the state’s conducting of Ms. Moorehouse’s deposition in this manner, and the use of this video is highly questionable and unfair to me. Judge Steinbeck has allowed Heather’s testimony from her video deposition to be used in place of her appearing as a witness, because unfortunately Ms. Moorehouse has terminal cancer and is unable to travel. It is actually sad and cruel that the prosecutor, James D. Miller’s objective behind this was to hurry up and get a statement from Heather in case she died before trial. As you can see, he’s a real compassionate and kind-hearted man.

Initially the state was going to have Heather appear at trial live over video, which would have allowed me to cross-examine her as my accuser in front of the jury, but now I am being denied of this fundamental right, in favor of having testimony hear that is highly irrelevant, lacks personal knowledge and is based on all hearsay. In the interest of fairness and justice, this testimony should not be allowed. However, for me, in Lee County, where the judges have it out for me, there is no such thing is fairness and justice. They try to give that illusion from time to time, but the judge has been nothing more than co-counsel for the state in trying to tilt the scales against me for a conviction in any way possible. I mean, I’m a pro se defendant with no resources at all, isn’t that enough of an advantage for the Lee County judges and state attorney’s office who are against me? Apparently not. All I have is the truth, so I guess they need to do whatever they can to keep that truth from getting out to the jury.

Ms. Moorehouse worked with my wife and I from her home in Ohio as a part-time assistant in 2016. As to her testimony’s relevance to the charges, her employment began after the timeframe of the allegations, and therefore she lacks any personal knowledge and her testimony has nothing to do with the actual charges against me. While working with us she performed her work by accessing an online cloud server that managed the files for various companies. She has no knowledge of documents having to do with the alleged victims, or Joel Soucy for that matter. Just as a reminder, Joel Soucy is the man, who after sitting in Lee County Jail for 14 months, decided (with the suggestion of Robert Nichols and the state attorney’s office) to blame me for his actions in what he calls his “free pass out of jail”. The point is, Heather Moorehouse knows nothing about any of the allegations because she was just not physically there. The state learned about her existence through the unlawful search and seizure of our New York apartment on June 28, 2016, when they took my wife’s computer and found SKYPE messages between her and Ms. Moorehouse.

The state is unfairly using Ms. Moorehouse’s testimony to try and cloud your judgment with hearsay and statements made without actual knowledge. Hearsay means that she is taking somebody else’s statement and calling it a fact without first-hand knowledge of what actually occurred. This will be used to try and unfairly convince a jury that she is stating a fact based on her own personal knowledge, which is not true at all. Throughout Heather’s testimony you can hear the confusion and doubt in her answers, and she contradicts herself many times. For example, after answering my question one way, she’ll give the opposite answer to the prosecutor, James D. Miller, when he leads her to answer the question differently. Leading is not supposed to be allowed because it taints the witnesses’  testimony, making her answers not her own. But the state has nothing but tainted testimony so this is just normal operating procedure for them. In an activity report written on September 1, 2017 by the Lee County investigator, Robert Nichols, he writes that Heather has never heard of Joel Soucy before, yet during the April 18, 2018 testimony she says she is familiar with the name. Nichols’ activity report also says that she never heard of Greg Park, a name of another irrelevent witness that you’ll become familiar with in other postings, but apparently she had his documents on her computer. During the recorded testimony Moorehouse admits to having memory problems due to her cancer treatment, and she proceeds to basically just goes along with what the state is telling her. It is really sad because she is sick and my heart breaks for what the state has put her through. Heather was a friend to my wife and I since she first worked with us back in 2012. Actually, in her sworn recorded testimony she says that she first worked with us back in 2010, but we never knew Heather until she was hired in the fall of 2012 when she worked with our trust organization for a brief time. Like I said, her memory is not good at all, so she is a couple of years off in her recollection. I discovered old text message confirming the dates.

It seems clear that Heather was threatened or bullied into giving her testimony because she admits to being fearful of being arrested and charged with a crime, which never should have crossed her mind. She lives in Ohio, and didn’t work in Florida at all during her 2016 employment with us. She was employed after all of the dates of the allegations, and should have not been fearful at all of facing charges, since she was not even within Florida jurisdiction. Yet she was worried. It’s interesting because Robert Nichols and Robert Foley have maintained that they have not threatened anyone to obtain testimony, including my soon to be ex-wife, Michelle, who was arrested and detained until she agreed to give a statement against her will. When Nichols admitted to placing my wife under arrest inside our New York apartment (as recorded on video) and outside of his jurisdiction, he later on in a sworn written statement denies his actions calling it a “slip of the tongue.”

So, while James D. Miller sat with Heather in Ohio taking her testimony, I was in the Lee County Courthouse cross-examining her via SKYPE, and denied the ability to face her in person. I don’t see why Miller could not have also been remote with me in Lee County conducting the deposition over SKYPE, but I guess it was more effective for him to be there with her having conversations when the camera was off and they were outside of my presence. How convenient. At the time of Heather’s deposition I did not know enough about the law and the rules of evidence to object to her testimony for hearsay, not having relevence and lacking personal knowledge, and I still don’t know enough about this procedure. Not to mention that there was no judge present as I had expected, and Mr. Miller was basically handling objections. I also was under the impression that we would have the opportunity to present our objections to a judge later and have any sustained objections edited out, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Actually, the state has asked the judge to edit out portions of the video where my previously court-appointed attorney, Sebouh Gourjian, is agitated and making negative comments towards me, because it’s obvious they don’t want the jury to see the treatment of Mr. Gourjian against me being confirmed. Again, they want to remove anything to prove my own defense, and they want to keep anything that can hurt me. And of course Judge Steinbeck gives the state anything they want so the video of Heather will only be edited to the state’s liking.

The purpose of Heather Moorehouse’s testimony is to convince the jury that I was the owner and founder of the International Court of Commerce (ICC), which I’ve already addressed in other posts. Not only is it not true, it doesn’t even matter because it is irrelevent since the ICC is not illegal and not considered a legal process according to the allegations. Not to mention that Heather was not physically present and has not seen a single document showing me as an owner. As a matter of fact, I never even communicated directly with her on any projects she worked on because she was basically doing file management for various companies that we were employed by and I helped manage technical operations. She communicated directly with my wife, and also acknowledges that she was informed through my wife that I was answering to other people for specific organizations that were not owned by us. The only company Heather worked for that I owned was my trust consulting business under our company Rosado Companies, LLC.

Anyway, the point is that the state is doing anything possible to create this smokescreen and act as if a crime occurred. Unfortunately in this case it is at the expense of a very sick woman, who didn’t need this kind of stress. While I am unhappy with Heather’s lies against me, I feel so badly for her because I know in my heart she was a friend and she was forced into doing this when she didn’t want to. That is why she is not going to appear at trial live via SKYPE. I believe this stress has taken its toll on her, and under the pressure of the state she was forced to say things that were not true. Robert Nichols and James D. Miller have convinced her that a crime was committed and that there is something illegal about the ICC, when there is not. The state has no jurisdiction over the ICC, nor have they any proof that I am the founder. But, by making Heather feel like she did something wrong by handling file management for the ICC and other organizations, and of course threatening her with false charges, they turned her against me and put pressure on her to share the files from all of the different companies she managed from the online cloud server. She was just scared and I truly wish her well and pray that she heals and her condition improves. She really is a nice person.


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