Justice, A Sport for Prosecutors



               In July of 2019 I was convicted and sentenced to 40 years for non-violent charges with no damages. The alleged victims were judges from the trial court. The charges were 3rd degree felonies carrying a maximum of 5 years. The court ran 8 counts consecutively for a single episode using the same statute. This is my first felony conviction and the only other conviction on my record was a misdemeanor from 30 years ago when I was a teenager.

                The judges and prosecutors in Lee County Florida used their unlimited power and resources to settle a personal vendetta. The allegations are subjective, and whether an actual crime occurred is debatable. No other case with my charges has ever gone to trial in Florida, so I’m sure you’ve never seen anything like this. It was a non-violent crime, no one was injured or financially hurt. Murders and rapists get lesser sentences. They used fake news to discredit me and labeled me unjustly, knowingly violated my constitutional rights, bail was set at 1.5 million and a motion to reduce bail was denied.’ They knew from the onset that the arrest was illegal a I as arrested on June 28, 2016 and jailed and extradited to Lee County Florida, arriving on October 8, 2015. There was a 91 day period  I was incarcerated without a arrest warrant or arrest report. All FOIA attempts received no response. but continued with their false narrative and tried to hide the evidence. I was incarcerated for over three years before they tried me. With a 40-year sentence you would think that it was over, but it was not. They turned me over to St. Lucie Jail and used the information and tactics provided to them by the Lee County State’s Attorney Office. I have been in St. Lucie for over two years and still counting. As of this date I honestly do not know what I am being charged with.

                It seems the influence of the local judges caused me to be flagged and blacklisted because countless lawyers refused my case. I was denied replacement of my court appointed council due to conflicts and differences.  I represent myself through much of the trial court proceedings and tried to preserve my arguments the best I could, but it was overwhelming. Then, during our only conversation, my court appointed appellate attorney advised me to represent myself and amend her initial brief. I tried to highlight what I believed to be numerous constitutional violations, but the appellate court affirmed the judgement per curiam. This means that the Judges offered no opinion thus preventing an appeal to the Florida Supreme Court.

                All I ever wanted was to be treated fairly in this unique and highly unusual case. I always believed our justice system was based on truth, but after hearing my story you will see how one rotten apple spoiled the whole bunch. The entire trial was based on labeling me unjustly and preventing me from disclosing the truth. They all knew what they were doing was wrong from the initial arrest to sentencing. The documents and transcripts will reveal the truth. Anything disclosed is backed by evidence on file with both THE TRIAL COURT AND DISTRICT COURT OF APPEALS and will be made available to all who are interested. I do not know what the next step is or how deep the corruption is, but everyone should be concerned as Justice has been compromised, the main goal of the prosecutor is see that justice was served, in my case I believe they just noted to win and the evidence I have attached will disclose their intent.

Please follow Randy’s blog post weekly as I am seeking assistnce for him. I have been following the Kyle Writtenhouse. My son was the victim of prosecutorial misconduct and use of the media to spread lies before he even when to charges. He never knew the vitims or had any involment with the case. He merely e-filed a document as the request of his client. I will be narrating his story and provide you with actual douments, transcrips, recordings and affadavits provig the prosecutor’s office committed purjury. They made a huge case and labeled him as a domestic terrorist and used the FBI to assinate his character. I been trying to assist my son for over five years to no avails.bI am 77 and don’t havemvmuch more time. I would like to see my son before the Lord calls me.

Thank you.

Patrica Rosado Moore

Contact cans be made a randy@randyrosado.com

Any assistnce or information is needed., All can help by following his blog and passing on to others 


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