Does The FBI Get A Free Pass To Break The Law? #7

Are FBI agents exempt from following the law? Can they simply ignor the constitutionally-protected rights of the people? It sure seems that way in today’s climate. On June 28, 2016 my home was invaded by New York FBI agents from Hudson Valley Squad C-37, along with the help of the Village of Goshen Police Department and others. I was not being accused of any crimes in New York, and this rade of my home during the early hours of the morning came from the orders of Lee County, Florida. Robert Nichols, investigator with the Lee County State Attorney’s Office, also participated in the invasion, along with former FBI agent, Robert Foley, who soonafter became a prosecutor with the Lee County State Attorney’s Office and has since then left the state attorney’s office for privact practice as a partner in his own firm, Akin, Halloran & Foley. He now spcializes in criminal defense. Wow, that is certainly a 180 degree turnaround. Now he can use his tricks to getting people convicted to helping people get off, provided they pay him tons of money.

Foley gathered up his FBI friends in New York, which included Michael Howard, Jillian Guerrera, Michael Castner and John Farrell, to organize the action to have me wrongfully arrested on manipulated charges from a personal vendetta by Lee County judges and the clerk of court. The New York agents, led by team leader Michael Howard, began searching my home 5 hours prior to having a search warrant, as confirmed by the FBI’s own paperwork, and statements made during a recorded interview by Robert Nichols and Robert Foley hours before the arrest warrant signed by Orange County, New York judge, Robert H. Freehill was produced. Judge Freehill backdated the time for the search to 6:00 AM in order to coincide with the agents’ entry and immediate search, when the judge didn’t sign the warrant until approximately 11:00 AM. Agent Michael Howard, according to his own paperwork, did not produce the signed warrant until 11:12 AM, when he alleges the agents and other officials, including Detective Ryan Rich of the Village of Goshen Police Department, Robert Nichols and Robert Foley entered my residence. Again, the recorded interview with Nichols and Foley confirms that they were both inside my apartment hours eariler. Howard even claims to have provided a copy of the search warrant to my soon to be ex-wife, Michelle, which is impossible because she was long gone from being forced out of her home hours earlier. Her personal property had already been seized, which even violates the search warrant produced after the fact because she was not a party to it, nor was her personal property listed in the items to be seized. The FBI even confirms in their property list that they had sezied the contents of her purse, throwing her out of her home without identification or a dime in her pocket.

As a result of the violation of our rights, I filed a civil rights lawsuit in the United States District Court Southern District of New York (Case No: 16-cv-06916) against Robert Nichols and Roebrt Foley of Lee County, FBI agents Michael Howard, Jillian Guerrera, Michael Castner and John Farrell, and officials from the Village of Goshen Police Department, Detective Ryan W. Rich and Officer Gregory Keleman. Of course that only caused the judges and state attorney’s office in Lee County, Florida to increase the pressure on me and step up the corruption. Needless to say, here I am 2 1/2 years later, stuck representing myself because the court refuses to provide a non-biased and adequate attorney for me, and no other attorneys will touch the case. I am also still being denied possession of meaningful and adequate access to my discovery. They’re basically forcing me to defend myself with both hands tied behind my back. Lee County prosecutor has expressed his resentment toward me both in writing and orally in open court, for my taking action for the violation of my rights. He has even attempted to deny me my right to access of the courts in his written extortion attempt against me on July 19, 2017. He doesn’t feel I have the right to stand up for myself, and seems to think I should just sit back and get stomped on by him and his collegagues as they fabricate false charges to ruin my life and steal my freedom. The nerve of me to try and protect myself! I suppose the civil rights case in New York is currenty on hold until the outcome ofmy trial in Lee County, whenever that will finally take place.

I love this country, but it is very sad where it is going. This is certainly not what God expects from us based on my limited knowledge of the bible scriture. However, it’s only a matter of time until He shines His light on the darkness and exposes the actions of the evil men and women who live only according to their earthly desires and go out of their way to oppress others. There is a time for everything. Until then, I will continue to fight the good fight and pray for God’s continued blessings on me. Father, please rescue me from my enemies and have mercy on me.