Florida Judges and State Attorney Manipulate Point System to Seek Life Sentence for an Innocent Man

As I wake up in Lee County Jail everyday I can’t believe the situation I am in. I can’t believe the public officials of Lee County and throughout Florida can get away with what they are doing. I’ve watched inmates come and go over my the 25 months I have been here, and the system is definitely setup to keep the coming back like a revolving door. Then again, many of them are committing actual crimes or putting themselves in a situation to come back, but lots of them are not. Many of them pleaded out to probation because they just want to get out, and there is an extremely high return rate for people violating probation. Mondays are always the busiest at court because of all of the new VOP (violation of probation) cases. They are called “VOP Mondays”. It’s never fun going to court on a Monday. Then again, it’s never fun going to court at all.

Needless to say, in over two years I’ve seen my fair share of court hearings, and have heard about every story out there. However, I’ve still never met anyone with a case anything like mine, or with the same charges. My case is unique to say the very least. As a matter of fact, since the statute (843.0855) I’m charged with was created (which I believe was in October of 2013), I think only one other person in the entire state has gone to trial. Because of its uniqueness, the state is stacking up charges, interpreting something the way they want, and seeking a life sentence against me. Florida works on a point system, so the more charges to put on someone the higher the points, which means the higher the sentence. It doesn’t matter if someone like me with a minimal criminal history (consisting of a misdemeanor driving while ability impaired case as a teenager over 27 years ago in 1991) is being charged, they can treat it like a capital crime. In my case it’s even easier for them to do this because it’s not a black and white allegation. It’s not like a typical offense where there is actual wrongdoing and an actual victim, my case is purely subjective and circumstantial. In other words, it is a crime because the state says so. And with the judges and court clerk in the very court I’m being tried being the alleged victims, and working with the state to send people to prison on a daily basis, it’s easy for them to fabricate a case and manipulate the system to throw someone like me under the jail.

So, in my case they have stacked on 19 bogus counts against me. First it was 15, but they figured out a way to slap a few more on there without me knowing about it 18 months after my incarceration. Now, these charges against me are a level 7, which is up there with violent crimes and other very serious offenses. That means it has higher points. Then with all of the additional counts it adds up to over 400 points, which is more than a life sentence. I know this because the prosecutor, James D. Miller, likes to rub it in my face at every other hearing, or write it in letters to the bar association when justifying his extortion tactics. I’m basically facing a life sentence for subjective charges that are determined by the actual victims. Isn’t that fanstastic? Could you imagine if every case allowed the victims to determine the law and the outcome? Well, that’s what is going on here. All because of paperwork filed by other people, much of which is not even illegal or fraudulent any way. And the guy who filed the documents is home enjoying life because he was encouraged to blame me for his actions more than a year after the fact. Apparently it didn’t dawn on Joel Soucy until a year after sitting in jail that I someone hypnotized him and tricked him into doing something he didn’t want to do until the idea was given to him by the state attorney’s office a year later. And the prosecutor in his case got a nice juicy promotion to judge.

Even though the charges against me are third-degree felonies and carry a 5-year maximum sentence, in my case, it’s worse than having a first-degree felony. If convicted, it falls under the discretion of the judge to do what they want to. Isn’t that great? The same judges who are working against me using their own friends and their own court can also determine the sentence? Think about that for a second. The alleged victims who invented the alleged crimes can determine the sentence as well. For example, instead of a 5-year concurrent sentence, they can decide on a consecutive sentence, then using the point system they can basically do whatever they want. Joel Soucy signed and proposed 8 federal arrest warrants that he filed as exhibits into a civil foreclosure case. They were not filed into a federal court, but they were filed as exhibits in a civil case. I guess you can say that he threatened officials with them, whether it was subtle or not. In a deposition he denies that he ever intended to use them to have anyone arrested, but he threatened Attorney Steven Carta in an email, saying that he would be seeking arrest. Joel has trouble telling the truth (as proven in his many emails and handwritten letters), but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, those arrest warrants equal 8 charges, and at 5 years (consecutive) for each one that is 40 years right there. Not to mention what the points might add up to on something like that, which I believe is about 167. That gives the judge many options, and if it’s a judge that is highly prejudicial as in this case with me, and since she is friends and collegues with the alleged victims, that’s not a good situation.

Joel Soucy, in that one action of pressing a button, is responsible for 8 charges against me, for something that had nothing to do with me and did not benefit me at all. I gained nothing by anything he did, and there is no motive behind it. Joel pressed the send button and attached these 8 arrest warrants that he signed calling himself a Private Attorney General, and the state has charged me. Is that incredible? What’s even more interesting is that not even Joel was charged with 8 counts prior to using me as his “free pass out of jail” as he likes to refer to it as. I think the had 2 charges against him for those arrest warrants, but when they dumped them on me 6 more suddenly appeared. By then the state really learned how to get creative.

The rest of the charges against me are even more ridiculous. 4 of them are also documents signed and mailed by Soucy himself, alleged as “fictitious documents from the International Court of Commerce.” These documents are not fictitious or from the ICC, but merely affidavits signed by Soucy in front of a Massachusetts notary and physically mailed by him to the court for filing. It’s unreal that I have been charged with this. Not to mention that filing an affidavit is not a crime. This statute, in how it is being subjectively applied by Lee County, is completely unconstitutional. The people have a right to access to the courts, meaning that they can represent themselves and file documents in their defense, or even initiate lawsuits as a plaintiff. And Soucy, despite my feelings about him for his lies and deceit, had a right to file those affidavits into his foreclosure case. He also has a right to redress of grievances, which this statute also infringes upon. To redress your grievances means you can address your issues against public officials by speaking out (freedom of speech), protesting or seeking action against them for violating your rights. This statutes can be interepreted however they want, and it takes away from our constitutionally-protected rights, which is the law of the land. Regardless of all of that, why am I being charged for Joel Soucy’s actions?

Like the 4 ICC judgments Joel attempted to file into Lee County and did file in Pinnellas County. Soucy physically mailed these judgments into the court clerk with a check from his own company. When it was denied he filed the same judgments into Pinnellas County. There are even emails with him communicating with the clerk in Pinnellas. What does this have to do with me? I was more than 1500 miles away and never met this man. This is completely insane! The final 3 charges are not by Joel Soucy, but these are not my documents either. I’ll get into the details on those in another post, but what’s amazing is that they are the same identical charges 3 times over! The same date, the same document, the same accusation, and the same alleged victim. Yet they add up to 3 charges. How can they do this? They are just haphazzardly throwing charges on me and the judge is standing back getting a kick out of this. My first attorney (Robert Ingham) brought this to the Court’s attention back in 2016 when I first got to Lee County after being extradited from New York. The state and the Court are well aware of these multiple charges for the same allegation, but nothing has been done about it. It’s like they are throwing what they can against the wall hoping that something will stick. Maybe if they throw 19 bogus charges against the wall and one sticks they can still get 5 years out of me. Meanwhile, men who are beating up women over and over are serving 90 days to a year if they do it a few times. This is so disturbing.

I am looking forward to finally going to trial and showing my evidence to a jury, but with the corruption I’ve witnessed and directly experienced, I am concerned that they will hand pick a jury to give them the results they want. I know it sounds crazy, and I’d like to think that the American justice system is better than that, but this is Lee County, Florida afterall. I try to remain confidence because I will take part in selecting the jury, and as long as my evidence is heard, I am certain that they will see the lies and irrelevance of the witnesses and see this case for what it really is. It shouldn’t even have to come to this because I have done nothing wrong, but I’m not the first person to have been wrongly accused and the system is far from perfect but those wrongs should be corrected in a court of law. Plenty of others have probably gone through worse than I have. I often reflect on Nelson Mandela, whose autobiography I ready while here. What a great read it was, but what a sad story of injustice at the same time.

After 2 1/2 years I’ve finally listened to some parts of my discovery I’ve never heard before. Granted, at this point I am still unable to view the actual documents and am not allowed to actually possess them, which seems insanely unjust, but at least I’ve heard some audio interviews I’ve never heard before. While the lies against me are hard to hear, the sources are so ridiculously uncredible (and irrelevant) that I feel confident that any jury will see the lies and agenda by the state and its witnesses. Again, not to mention the emails and statements by these people cleary show their true character and motives while exposing their obvious lies. One guy even admits to committing crimes against me while staying at my house, and state investigators laugh about it.

Interestingly enough, as I sit here writing this to you I just got served with papers from the one and only James D. Miller by a process server. It is November 19, 2018, and we have a hearing tomorrow (November 20th) on my motion to dismiss several frivious counts. You’ve got to see the excuses he’s coming up with on this. He loves serving me this things last minute because he tries to throw me off balance. But I’m stuck here so obviously I’ve got nothing but time. Now he’s mixing and matching documents to try to justify his frivolous charges because he would never swallow his pride and admit his mistake by just dropping some of the obviuously frivolous and multiplied charges. Then he’s purposely leaving out pages on some of his exhibits because he doesn’t want the judge to see that the timeframes don’t match up. This guy is a real piece of work. The one good thing that came out of it is that now he’s at least clarified some of those few documents I’ve been asking about all along. Except it just doesn’t add up or make any sense at all. Anyway, just thought I’d share that. I’ll send the motion home to be shared at some point.

Okay, sorry about that. I’ve rambled on enough. This post was really about the point system and how the alleged victims/judges and their friends in the Court have manipulated it to take my life away with these bogus charges. Now, finally getting my discovery more than 2 years later, who knows when I’ll be in trial. It may be another 2-3 years if they get their way. Please pray for me and share this post with anyone who you feel may be able to help or also offer some prayers for me. Please pray for all of the men and women in the country and around the world who are wrongfully incarcerated. These are petty accustations against me that have been blown out of proporation in a malicious and vindictive personal vendetta. I trust that God has a greater purpose for my life and nothing is in vain. He has a special purpose for all of us. We all have to endure trials and tribulations in our lives, and this is the toughest trial I have ever faced.

James 1:2-4 says it best…”Consider it a joy, my brothers, when you meet with various trials, knowing as you do that this tested quality of your faith produces endurance. But let endurance complete it’s work, so that you may be complete and sound in all respects, not lacking anything.” (New World Translation)

Thank you for reading and God Bless You.