The Lee County propaganda machine continues to poison the public with lies and fake news stories. For me it began three years ago when they falsely reported that I was charged with forging real estate documents for several homes in three different Florida counties, a blatant lie that had nothing to do with the actual charges.

By denying my due process rights and not providing me with a fair trial, Judge George C. Richards, with the help of several local judges, the state attorney’s office and some friends at the FBI, had me wrongfully convicted and given a life sentence on a bunch of bogus charges. Even after getting all they wanted out of me the fake news continues to spread its lies.

On the day of my sentencing the Lee County news media reported that I created a fake court system. This false allegation sounds pretty serious, and is a great way to convince the public into thinking I am a very bad man who got what he deserved. The corrupt state attorney’s office is counting on people to believe the lies by the news networks and just taking their word at face value without pulling back the curtain to see the truth. What they won’t tell you is that the International Court of Commerce (aka “ICC”) is nothing more than a private organization used for commercial arbitration under the authority of Article 9 of U.S. code, the Federal Arbitration Act. It does not have people arrested or hand out jail sentences, but is simply a forum for alternative dispute resolution. Most importantly, the state of Florida has no jurisdiction over this private organization, as stated in writing by multiple local attorneys, one who was an alleged victim in my case. A document from the ICC does not fall under the definition of legal process, as it was not isued by a court of the state or United States, and it cannot exercise jurisdiction or represent a claim in a court of this state or the United States. So, not only did I not create this private organization, there is no crime regardless.

What they also won’t tell is that the news stations are paid to run the stories dictated to them by the state attorney’s office and local law enforcement. This is not real reporting and the facts are not questioned or even verified. That is the only reason to explain why WINK News invoices appear on court dockets or many cases, something I was shocked to learn when reviewing my discovery.

For years I’ve been begging people to pull back the curtain and examine my case because the state has failed to meet the elements of the charges, violating due process as supported by the 14th Amendment. None of the charges I was convicted of meet the elements of the allegations. I have been charged with simulating the legal process (843.0855) by allegedly filing documents the state considers fraudulent. First off, 16 of the 19 charges I have been accused of involve documents that do not even match the definition of legal process. And none of the documents in question meet the definition of being fraudulent as defined by the statute. Forget the fact that I am being blamed for the actions of other people (based on 777.011 – the principal statute) and had all of my evidence blocked from the jury, the accustations don’t even line up with the charges.

Unfortunately no local attorney would dare represent me and go up against the same judges they have to stand in front of on a daily basis in courtrooms those judges control. Even my court-appointed attorney is feeling the heat and being ostracized by the Court and its judges for filing post-conviction motions to attack the Court’s actions and calling the trial unfair. How dare he do his job stand up for justice! I mean, doesn’t he know where his bread is buttered?

Now I can only pray that my voice will be heard and my case will get the proper attention by judges in the District Court of Appeals, the Florida Supreme Court or the federal courts. I’ve lost my faith that justice exists in the state of Florida, and with me being targeted as an enemy of the state by the top officials here, I may not get a fair shake until it reaches the United States Supreme Court.

I also pray that a real reporter from an honest news outlet is willing to do a proper investigation and not simply report what they are paid to say. I am a 46-year old man without a criminal history and now looking at spending the rest of my life in prison because the local people in power have subjectively used their system to settle a personal vendetta. If I was a millionaire with a high-powered attorney this would have been considered a misunderstanding (at best or not charged at all) and I would have walked out of jail years ago without a criminal record. I guess that is reserved for the rich and famous who have committed real crimes and never seen the inside of a jail cell.

My co-defendant, Joel Soucy, was accused of the very same actions as me, yet he plead guilty to different charges altogether and was set free. I’m not sure how identical actions can be considered different crimes with vastly different punishments. There are dozens of issues with my case that baffle me, and unless they are reviewed by honest attorneys, judges and news reporters I will never know the answers.

Until then I will spend my time seeking truth and justice through the proper legal channels and hoping that the system won’t continue to let me down. I can only stay faithful and pray that I will one day experience freedom again.