When Privacy Becomes a Matter of Life or Death

gianni versace

Privacy is a matter of preference for people based on their personalities. While some enjoy the exposure and the attention, others prefer to be in the background unnoticed. Gianni Versace wanted to be a part of the community with his mansion in Miami’s world famous South Beach. He never thought twice about stepping out onto one of his balconies to enjoy the ocean view or to walk around the grounds to appreciate the magnificent landscape. He wanted to be one with the people, but unfortunately this led to Mr. Versace’s life coming to an end far sooner that it should have at the hands of someone who had a personal dislike for the man and easy access to him.

There are many reasons why people prefer their privacy and safety is certainly one of them. This isn’t just for the rich and famous either, as it is generally easier to find the average person’s information since they are not usually privy to these strategies and thought processes. For some, any way to avoid unexpected visitors, whether it’s unwanted acquaintances, process servers, or even police, are welcomed. Some people just do not want to be disturbed or even harassed in some cases, especially if there are families and children involved.

Some people take the approach of “I’ve got nothing to hide,” usually because it’s suggested to them that privacy somehow equates to wrong-doing or some type of illegal activity. Law enforcement will often ask, “What have you got to hide?” when you don’t immediately allow them access to your home, vehicle or other personal property. This is how they can gain access without obtaining a warrant or using the proper channels. So, while privacy is a matter of preference for people, it is certainly a right that shouldn’t be given up.