Florida State Attorney Lies to Florida Bar in Response to Complaint

Assistant State Attorney James D. Miller is a criminal and seems to have no rules when it comes to his false charges against me and his excuses to justify them. Judge Steinbeck has already given him permission to extort me, and now Miller is lying to The Florida Bar about my charges, and giving more excuses for his continued violations of my rights. I hope the bar association does an honest investigation, but based on my experience in this case, and the corruption that has kept me locked up without a trial or conviction, I have little faith in any justice in Florida. I was finally set to go to trial on November 6, 2018, but the prosecutor, James D. Miller, filed a motion to continue trial just days before, which of course was granted by Judge Margaret O. Steinbeck the day before trial. My 74-year old mother, who is also a witness in my case, traveled across the country nearly 2,000 miles to be here, only for the trial to be cancelled. The judge set a case managment conference instead of resetting the trial, and now it seems that we are moving backwards. In addition, the state is dumping more irrelevent discovery on me, and has only now, after two years, given me full access to my discovery. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME AND INVESTIGATE THESE CRIMINALS!!!

James D. Miller has told the bar association in a letter dated June 1, 2018 that I am charged with creating a fake court and filing UCC-1 liens against Lee County officials. This is a blatant lie and does not reflect my charges at all. I am not charged with either of these allegations. How can he just lie to the bar association in writing and it’s okay? They don’t even know what they’ve charged me with, they have created a smokescreen to keep me stuck here until they try and prejudice a jury into a wrongful conviction. I was initially charged with 15 counts (13 for simulating the legal process and 2 for harrassment of a public official), and after sitting here for over 16 months they added 4 more charges of harrassment, but I didn’t even learn about them until several months later and only after inquiring to the judge.

James D. Miller is insisting that I created a fake court system know as the International Court of Commerce, or the ICC, and is suggesting that I have used this ICC to committ several crimes. This accusation is unfounded and untrue. I did not create the ICC, and there is not a single document to prove that I did. Actually, the state has shown me discovery documents showing that Anthony Williams, a former colleague and manager of mine, registered the ICC with the IRS. They also show someone else as the owner of the website domain, which doesn’t prove ownership anyway. I am in IT professional and computer consultant and earned my degree in the field in 1995. For more than two decades companies have hired me to build webistes, manage technical operations,and handle digital file management. Over the years I have had access to lot of information and learned about trust and civil law while working for various attorneys. I was hired by the ICC for this variety of skills.

This is all irrelevent because there is nothing fraudulent about the ICC. This ICC is nothing more than a contract, and a person’s right to contract is a powerful thing. The United States Supreme Court in Hale v Henkel, a landmark case, described in detail just how powerful that right is. It said that “the individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. he is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the state to divulge his busniess… He owes no such duty to the state, since he receives nothing thereform, beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by the law of the land long before the creation of the State, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the Constitution.” That case had to do with self-incrimination and the right to not to testify, but its’ worth mentioning because the supreme court clearly stated how important and powerful a private individual’s rights are. Among those rights is the right to contact, and as the supreme court noted, that right is INLIMITED. The ICC is simply an extention of that unlimited right to contract.

The ICC is an arbitration or mediation agency in which a neutral third-party helps resolve a dispute. It provides a service that is also known as alternative dispute resolution. You can either agree to contract and be a party to the ICC’s private dispute resolution program, or you can refuse. It works by all parties agreeing to participate, and no party can be forced. According to ICC documents by Joel Soucy, the man who has taken a plea deal with Lee County in what he calls his “free pass out of jail”, Lee County officials ignored his documents presented by a third-party and accepted his contracts with them. For Soucy’s actions I have been arrested and charged with simulating the legal process.

The ICC is completely legal and is recognized and supported by the Federal Arbitration Act under Title 9 of United States Code. The majority of states have also adopted the Uniform Arbitration Act as state law, and in 1970, the United States joined the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. That being said, James Miller is falsely and irrevelevently accusing me of being the founder and mastermind of the ICC, intentionally ignoring all evidence that shows otherwise.

But even if I had been the founder or mastermind behind the ICC, it would be irreleant because it is not illegal or fraudulent, and the state of Florida certainly has no jurisdiction to say otherwise. If you read the definition for legal process that is included in the statute I am charged with, you will see that it is defined as being a document or order that is issued by a court of filed or recorded with an official court of the states or the United States or any other governmental agency within either. The ICC is not a court of law or a legal proceeding. It has no ties or affiliations with any government. Two Florida attorneys, including one alleged victim, have provided legal opinions proving that the ICC is not a legal process, and not under Florida jurisdiction. In addition to that, during a hearing on October 19, 2018, Judge Steinbeck acknowledged that the ICC is not a legal process, so any documents originating from the ICC cannot be defined as such. James D. Miller and his judge friends and colleagues at the state will call it a fraud just because they say so. Once again this is irrelevant, but Miller feels it is significant enough to keep me stuck in jail awaiting trail for two and a half years and counting.

James D. Miller has also justified his violations against me by complaining to the Florida Bar that he is trying to restrict my constitutionally-protected right to access to the courts because I am filing frivolous lawsuits against public official who oppose me, and costing the taxpayers money. Really??? So, my filing a federal lawsuit (outside of Florida jurisdiction) for the unlawful search and seizure of my home is wrong? Is it not my right to file action and stand up for my civil rights? It’s okay when Florida judges use their own courts and their judge friends to stack criminal charges and get civil judgements against me, but God forbid I try to stand up for my rights? Is this man for real? Can someone please investigate this man because HE is the criminal!!! Then he creates this smokescreen by including the FBI in his bogus investigation, when no federal charges have been filed against me, and no other state in the country has filed criminal charges.

Please see the attached bar complaint response by James D. Miller [attach and link Miller letter exhibit 144], as well as my reply to Miller’s response [attach and link my response exhibit 145] and you will see first hand the nonsense Mr. Miller is feeding The Florida Bar to justify his malicious prosecution against me. Basically, he’s accusing me of creating a fake court system with a private arbitration venue that I don’t own, nor does he have jurisdiction to file charges, and which the judge and other attorneys have already determined IS NOT A LEGAL PROCESS. So, I’m accused of simulating the legal process with something that isn’t a legal process??? I’m also accused of filing UCC liens when the charges do not reflect that at all, nor is there any truth to that.

How are they getting away with this??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!



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