FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force in Washington, DC Assist Corrupt Florida Officials in Bogus Investigation #2

 In trying to make this nonsense case against me, the Lee County State Attorney’s Office used the FBI in Washington, DC to access a private UPS Store mailbox for the International Court of Commerce (aka ICC). This was likely achieved with the help of their inside guy, Robert Foley, who at the time of my arrest was an FBI Agent out of Fort Myers, Florida, but shortly after my arrest became a prosecutor (Assistant State Attorney) for the Lee County State Attorney’s Office. How convenient isn’t it? Foley has since left the state attorney’s office to be a partner in a local Lee County law firm, and apparently practices criminal defense.


Robert Foley was present in New York on June 28, 2016, along with Robert Nichols, who both participated in my arrest outside of their jurisdiction. Both men were present in New York when Nichols read me my miranda rights in a Goshen, New York police station, as recorded on video. Nichols tells several versions of the story, and denies having anything to do with my arrest despite his acts on video and his sworn written statements. Both men participated in the unlawful search of my residence, and manipulated and fabricated evidence taken from my New York apartment. Nichols admits (on a video recorded interview) that the search began hours prior to having a signed search warrant by a judge, and some evidence was stolen outside of the search warrant that appeared after the search began. Anyway, Nichols and Foley used Foley’s FBI resources around the country to create a smokescreen, when this was not a federal investigation, I have no federal charges against me, and there are no other charges in any other state. This is nothing but some Florida judges abusing their power and resources to settle a personal vendetta against me for Joel Soucy’s filing of documents in Lee County.

Lee County sought the services of FBI Special Agent, Robin Bairstow of the Washington DC field office, and Shay Mattera of the DC Metropolitan Police Department “deputized as Federal Task Force Officer” working with the FBI assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force for the DC field office. Sounds pretty serious right? This is the game that Lee County is playing. Their big DC investigation determined that I assisted the ICC in setting up a legitimate address at a UPS Store box in Washington, DC. So the big-time investigation by Bairstow and Mattera uncovered that while acting as a “Site Administrator” (meaning website administrator) for the ICC, I helped them obtain a DC address as I was instructed to do by ICC organizers. Nothing different than what employees for hundreds or even thousands of companies might do. Wow, big discovery! It’s a good thing that had the joint terrorism task force to assist with that, they got a real big fish here.

Agent Robin Bairstow and Officer Shay Mattera got a search and seizure of the mailbox signed by U.S. Magistrate G. Michael Harvey, and seized some mail from the ICC mailbox. Okay, but we’re still waiting to hear about what crime was committed? I guess to the average person it sounds pretty big and scary with the FBI involved and all, but what have they actually uncovered? I mean, Lee County has no jurisdiction in Washington, DC, a federal territory, and no federal charges have been filed, so what does all of this mean? It means absolutely nothing except for the fact that Lee County has some power and is willing to waste taxpayer dollars using its endless resources to try and create the illusion of a crime that doesn’t exist. Does the special task for DC FBI bla bla bla investigation have anything to do with the charges that have me stuck in this Lee County Jail right now? Uh…NO! Just a smokescreen to support Nichol’s and Foley’s theories and nonsense stories that I’ve done something wrong when I have not committed a crime. This whole operation should be investigated. All they are going to do is use this useless information to prejudice me and influence a jury in depriving me of my rights at trial.

Lee County Investigator, Robert Nichols, is quite the storyteller, and has put his little spin on every aspect of this alleged investigation, which is nothing but a witch hunt with predetermined results to frame an innocent man with a crime that doesn’t exist. Mr. Nichols admits to having no formal training, claiming that he uses “common sense”. Really, is that how it works? So, falsely reporting to the newspaper and his friends at his former employer (Office of Financial Regulation) that I committed forgery, when I have not been charged with that, and without the use of a handwritting expert or other actual evidence to support his lies, is just Nichols using common sense? That’s how it works? When Robert Nichols gets caught in lies from different statements made he calls this his strategy to getting people to say what he wants them to say. Actually, I believe one term he used when caught in another lie is that it was “a slip of the tongue.” There seems to be lots of slips with Nichol’s tongue, and how can you believe anything this man says? I’ll show more of his lies another time because now we’re talking about his little fabricated DC-FBI operation and story supporting it.

In his activity report dated February 22, 2017, Nichols states “that the International Court of Commerce attempted to legitimize its presence by falsely showing the company had a Washington DC office. In reality, it was just a mailbox that was leased by and all of the incoming mail was forwarded to Randal Rosado.” This is laughable because what Robert Nichols is saying is that the ICC is falsely showing this address, but how could that be? No, it WAS the organization’s address. What is false about it? That’s why company’s use the UPS store or other private mailbox companies to begin with. So, the ICC is a fake organization that registers with the IRS and obtains a real bank account? What is fake or false? When they found Anthony Williams’ name on the IRS Ein documents they still insisted that I was the owner and founder. When the saw Michelle Rosado’s name on the Godaddy registration as the owner of the website domain from the subpoena, they still insisted that it was all from me. I mean it doesn’t matter because the ICC is not illegal, and my job as a technical administrator involves file management, but why is Nichols forcing all roads back to me when it isn’t the case? What’s also interesting to know is that I was not even employed at the capacity of project manager or site administrator until after the time of all Joel Soucy’s documents were filed. So even if they want to blame me for the actions of the administrator and organizors I answered to, the documents provided to me by Lee County show that I was not even a part of the organization until after the dates of the Joel Soucy documents I have been charged with.

That’s like arresting and charging the IT department of from Wells Fargo for their management’s decision in creating fake bank accounts for its customers. The only difference is that Wells Fargo’s management was not even charged for their crimes, and the ICC, which is not a crime, is being labeled as such with me being called the mastermind. So, how does Lee County even have jurisdiction over this private organization protected by the Federal Arbitration Act? Your guess is as good as mine. The constitution says that no law can be created to impair the obligation of contracts can be created, but the state of Florida hasn’t received that memo, and the constitution to them is treated like used toilet paper. Sorry for the visual, but that’s the best way I can describe it. James D. Miller has proven in his own words and actions that he doesn’t believe in the constitution as the law of the land, and that he and his cronies can use their own statutes to manipulate any situation in a way that they want, even if it means stacking up a bunch of false charges to seek a life sentence against me.

According to Nichols’ theory, any company using the UPS Store or any other virtual or private mailbox company is a fake and committing fraud. That’s how it works. People are no longer able to work from home, or from any location outside of their address. I guess that means the court is using fraudulent attorneys and doctors because Judge Steinbeck appointed me and attorney named, Sebouh Gourjian. Can you believe that Mr. Gourjian’s office is a PO Box in Naples, Florida? Does that mean he meets with his clients at the post office? I mean, I’m holding his business card in my hand and he doesn’t even have a real email. He uses Yahoo, that must be fake right? What attorney uses a PO Box and not a physical address? And then doesn’t even have his own website? Why isn’t Nichols and the Lee County State Attorney investigating this man? Wait a second, I have the business card of another attorney named David T. Agoston, he must be a fake attorney too. I see that he also uses a PO Box in Fort Myers, Florida and has an AOL email account. I mean, who even uses AOL anymore? Arrest this man! He’s a fake attorney too. Oh wait, it turns out both of these attorneys are in good standing with the Florida Bar so they must be legitimate. I’m sorry, I got confused with the Robert Nichols philosophy.

My sister works for Global Tel Link (GTL), the company who handles our phone calls from the jail, but she works from home. Are they are real company? I mean, she’s an executive and doesn’t even have an office to go to, is that for real? And how about the Psychiatrist that Judge Steinbeck ordered me to get a mental evaluation from to make sure I wasn’t crazy? I mean Dr. Douglas J. Shadle, M.D. seemed like a very nice man and was very professional during our evaluation, but he uses a PO Box in Punta Gorder, Florida. Is that where he meets his patients? Did the judge really order me to meet with a fake doctor? It just can’t be. The point is that there must be hundreds of thousands of fraudulent companies out there using PO Boxes and private addresses, so Lee County will be busy investigating them. On Sunbiz.org, where companies register to do business in Florida, there are tens of thousands, or even more, companies with “fictitious names”. That’s a lot of fake fraudulent companies, Mr. Nichols! What’s an investigator like you to do?

I’ve got to give it to Robert Nichols though, the Lee County State Attorney’s Office has given him the power to lie, cheat and steal, and he’s great at using his rhetoric to create a false impression of something that isn’t what he makes it out to be. If only he didn’t catch himself in so many lies he would be even better at his job. Like his use of the DC Federal Task Force Team…wow, that’s some serious stuff. Wait, I forgot to mention the “Joint Terrorism Task Force”. Terrorism, are they talking about me? So, while people like Timothy McVey are blowing up buildings in Oklahoma City, Stephen Paddock is shooting innocent people in Las Vegas, and Nicholas Cruz is shooting up his high school in Parkland, Florida and killing innocent students, they are calling me a terrorist because of documents filed by Joel Soucy? Mr. Soucy, in following his right to access of the courts and right to redress of grievances, has filed documents that they don’t like, and now the state has used his actions to label me as some sort of paper terrorist or something like that?

Oh wait, I think the popular term amongst law enforcement is “sovereign citizen”. That’s how they like to label me to justify their crimes against my civil rights. This is some type of code that I don’t like our country, when it couldn’t be further from the truth. This is actually the opposite of what my beliefs are. I’m a proud American who believes we should be able to stand upon our God-given rights as private citizens of this great nation and that no government officer should violate the very rights they have sworn to uphold. It’s easier for people like Nichols, James D. Miller and the judges in Lee County to keep flushing their constitutional toilet paper by misapplying state statutes and interpreting has they feel like they can.

I’m sorry, I’ve rambled on enough in this blog. I get carried away because the nonsense and corruption here is just unreal. I should have written these blogs a long time ago, but I was stupid enough to feel like justice really existed in Lee County. But I continue to wake up in this jail day after day for years, wondering whether or not I will be serving life in the county or thrown under the jail while awaiting trial. I’ll give it to Nichols and Foley though, because they predicted this in a video recorded interview. They said I would sit in jail “for years” before even going to trial. Well, here I am years later still praying to God for justice. I beg for an investigation of my situation because this is not right. I am not a criminal and if any honest attorney or investigator took the time to look at my case and evaluate the real evidence and not just the lies told by Nichols and James D. Miller, they would see the truth. Please help me.