In trying to help others, I really got myself mixed up with some very bad people. Stephanie Nicole Pruschki of St. Lucie County is one of those people. I was introduced to Ms. Pruschki through a man named Manual “Manny” Gonzales, Sr., the father of Stephanie’s boyfriend, Manual “Manny” Gonzales, Jr, who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for molesting his niece, Manny Sr.’s granddaughter. I was introduced to Manny Sr. by Patrick Long of Okeechobee County, who befriended me, and along with Stephanie Pruschki. She is now a state witness in my case. They both have a shady history and don’t make for credible witnesses, but that won’t stop Assistant State Attorney James D. Miller from trying to make it all work in this production he has put together.

Mr. Long begged me to try and assist the Gonzales family despite my better judgment. Unfortunately, I gave in and decided to listen to his story. This is why it is so important for us to be aware of our instincts and pray over decisions like this. All of the signs were there, and if I could do this over, I know the Holy Spirit would have guided me away from these people. Nevertheless, here I am, and this is what happened.

Dedicated to getting Manny Jr. freed from prison, Stephanie Pruschki and the Gonzales family hired an attorney named Brandine Powell to appeal the conviction. Stephanie had a binder filled with what she felt was evidence that could help exonerate her boyfriend. Apparently, she was very involved in the original case and the subsequent appeal with Attorney Brandine Powell. The appeal was dismissed when Powell failed to pay the filing fee, and never notified Pruschki and the Gonzales family about the case status. Pruschki filed a complaint against Brandine Powell with the Florida Bar. According to Stephanie, Powell was going through a divorce and was battling with alcohol. Regardless, their hopes of what they felt would be justice for Manny Jr. was diminishing.

Stephanie investigated her boyfriend’s case inside and out, determined to get justice for her man. I would later learn that Ms. Pruschki is a mental health patient and has taken strong psych meds since she was a young child of about 6 years old. She is now approximately 34 years of age. She was a patient at New Horizons (in Martin or Broward County I believe), and has a history of violence, especially when not sedated by her medications. She blames her mother for her addiction to this cocktail of pills she relies on to get her through life and was even seeking a lawsuit against her mother and childhood doctors. Needless to say, her mental condition is highly questionable, as is her statement to investigators, and as will be her trial testimony.

During her recorded interview with investigators, Pruschki even admits to stalking my wife and I by tracking our actions online while we lived in New York. The investigators applauded her and asked her to help them by continuing to stalk us. Stephanie was likely given immunity from being prosecuted for her own actions, which in addition to many other things, led to the arrest of Manny Gonzales, Sr. At the suggestion of Patrick Long, a long time friend to Manny Sr., he threatened Assistant State Attorney Anastasia Norman of St. Lucie County, the woman who prosecuted his son’s case. This is similar to what Patrick Long did to the Okeechobee County Clerk of Court, Sharon Robertson, in which Long pled guilty and is currently serving a prison sentence for. The telephone threats by Long and Gonzales were both recorded. Unfortunately they won’t be heard in my case because the State and the judge have blocked me from having access to this part of my discovery.

Anyway, Stephanie also stalked Ms. Norman by seeking her out online and taking photos of her and her husband from FaceBook and finding other personal information through online sources. She hired me to setup and host a blog for her so she could share her information about Manny Jr’s innocence with the world. She is entitled to freedom of speech, and she had spent years putting together this information, in which she was determined to use to help get justice for her boyfriend. As a result of this, St. Lucie County has retaliated. Ms. Pruschki and Mr. Gonzales have blamed me for the actions leading to the arrest of Manny Sr., and somehow St. Lucie County, at the urging of their corrupt friends in Lee County, have invented a case against me with the same charges I am facing in Lee County. So, once again I am being blamed for the actions of others.

To make matters worse, Stephanie Pruscki is no longer with Manny Gonzales, Jr., no longer communicates with the Gonzales family, is dating someone else, and has moved on with her life and distanced herself from the situation. In her recorded interviews with investigators in the 19th Judicial Circuit (St. Lucie and Okeechobee Counties) and 20th Judicial Circuit (Lee County), she says that she is now dating someone else and has since discovered that her daughter was also molested by her now ex-boyfriend! So, this woman, who stirred up all of this commotion in St. Lucie County, and who spent years insisting that her boyfriend was an innocent man, has simply told investigators whatever they want to hear so she could move on with her life and pretend none of it ever happened. All at the expense of myself and others, including her own daughter, who is now scarred for life. What a disgrace.

It made me sick to my stomach listening to her recorded interview, with her lying through her teeth, making up stories and telling investigators whatever they wanted to hear to use against me. To pass more blame on me she even tried to say that I created an email for her (stephiepru84@yahoo.com) to use in filing certain documents she was apparently questioned about. That’s interesting because she had this email years before we even met, and it just happens to tie to her social media profiles as seen at http://pinterst.com/stephiepru84 and http://www.Facebok.com/stehpanie.pruschki

Pruschki did not have internet access and several witnesses saw her at my home using my service. During her interview, Assistant State Attorney Lev Evans of the 19th Circuit in St. Lucie coaches Stephanie along with her answers, putting words in her mouth and finishing her sentences when she is unable to. It’s really unbelievable how crooked and corrupt all of these people are. I thought Lee County was bad, but St. Lucie is just as bad and I’ve lost faith because it seems like the entire system is corrupt. This is nothing but payback for their friend, Assistant State Attorney Anastasia Norman, whose husband is a sheriff deputy in St. Lucie County. How convenient. It doesn’t help that Ms. Pruchki was scared to death and was concerned about her freedom just based on the cast of characters there, which of course, included Robert “Bob” Foley and more of FBI friends. Below is a list of the so-called investigators who helped Stephanie Pruschki fabricate her statement against me so she could just move on with her life while ruining mine in the process:

1) Lev Evans – Assistant State Attorney 19th Circuit

2) Detective Andrew Bolonka – St. Lucie County

3) Investigator Edward Arens – 19th Circuit

4) Investigator Robert “Bob” Nichols – 20th Circuit

5) Former FBI Special Agent Robert “Bob” Foley

6) FBI Special Agent David Cannella

I am looking forward to cross-examining Stephanie Pruschki at trial and calling other witnesses connected to her in hopes of uncovering more about her past. I know I shouldn’t be sharing my strategy here, but the prosecutor (James D. Miller) is monitoring my every move, reading every email, and doing whatever he can to get an advantage so I have no privacy anyway. He won’t even allow me to possess the discovery files I am entitled to so what’s the difference? Who cares if it is my right, he does not want you or especially a jury to know about their illegal tactics use to “engineer” and fabricate these bogus cases to suit their personal agendas.

That’s all for now. I am still connecting the dots and doing the best I can while stuck in jail and only having the assistance of my elderly mother, who is the strongest and most amazing woman in my life. I am in the process of hiring a real private investigator, as I am entitled to have paid for by the court, in which case I expect to uncover a whole lot more dirt on all of the State’s actors involved.

Thank you for reading this and please keep me in your prayers. God is in control.