The Lee County court system has labeled me as a so-called “sovereign citizen” and made many insinuations to that being a crime or some bad thing. They made this the focal point of their trial against me by associating being a sovereign citizen with being a domestic terrorist. They even went so far as to say that Timothy McVey, the infamous Oklahoma City bomber who was sentenced to death for bombing a federal building and killing innocent people, was a so-called sovereign citizen. They introduced FBI agents from some type of domestic terrorist task force to help put on a show to negatively influence the jury against me.

I’ve never referred to myself or considered myself as one of these so-called “sovereign citizens”, and don’t know exactly what the term means. It turns out that my persecutors don’t know what it means either, despite their focus on showing it in such a bad light. Sure, I’ve studied sovereignty and read about being a secured party creditor, but this term sovereign citizen just doesn’t resonate with me. I’m not aware of any laws against it, or laws that even reference being one of these sovereign citizens. If such a law exists, I certainly was not charged with, but it was a label they gave me throughout my trial.

Judges from the 20th Circuit Court of Florida could not even answer this question for me. The trial judge, Georg C. Richards, has called me a sovereign citizen and said that I don’t believe that federal or state laws apply to me. This label was used during my three- year incarceration prior to trial and it was used to describe me to the Jury. The prosecutor blatantly told the Jury that that a sovereign citizen is someone who believes the law doesn’t apply to them. That’s a lie and I’ve never said such a thing. I have no clue why this prejudiced judge would make this false statement. My record will reflect that I’ve gone my entire life without breaking the law, with the exception of making the mistake of driving while my ability was impaired as a teenager in 1991. I received a $250 fine and took a few classes. Now, nearly thirty years later, I am Florida’s number one public enemy and was handed a life sentence manipulated by its own judges who control the system. The same judges who can’t even tell me what crime was committed.

During trial, judges John Duryea and Joseph Fuller, alleged victims, could not even explain what a sovereign citizen was. Both men called the documents in question indicative to the sovereign citizen ideology and could not explain how or why. Judge Fuller said he didn’t know what a sovereign citizen was but stated that “they” file strange documents. Retired FBI agent, Robert Foley, who previously worked as a prosecutor for the state attorney’s office in Lee County, took the stand and testified that it was not against the law to be a sovereign citizen. If that is true, why was this term drilled into the jury’s heads and associated it with the most heinous acts?  Would they refer to a Muslim on trial as a terrorist?

LeeBy the way, if you are reading this, you must be thinking I did something terribly wrong, not so. Basically, I did a favor for a so called, client of mine. He owned various rental properties that were underwater as a result of the fall of the real estate market. h that I help him place them in a trust. While my business was that of a computer technician, I did do some Trusts on the side.  In the interim we shared some ideas on private arbitration. Let it be known that I never met this person until trial.  He proceeded to draw up papers which were filed into the court as exhibits. While he pleaded guilty, the state charged me for his actions. He took a plea for 10 years and agreed to testify against me.  How could I be responsible for his action? It was his property and to involve me is wrong as whatever he filed did not involve any gain for me whatsoever.  s, it’s like killing someone and saying someone else told ou to do it. I don’t know why they tried me in Lee County since all victims were members of the 20th Judicial Circuit and my Judge had already made up his ind pa Next thing you know the so called victims(judges and clek of court) are now testifying against me.  I never met them until trial and never had any interaction.  It would appear that they just wanted to create a big case nd a big win for their own professional advantage. It took them three years to create a case against me, silenced from showing evidence, and convicted me of 40 years.  Whatever transpired between me and Joel Soucy was just shared ideas, I never told him to do anything, whatever he did was of his own free will.  He played the part as victim as well on trial and what appeared to be an intelligent person when i\I interacted with him came across as a old man not knowing what he did. How could this b he filed his own handwritten motions from jail, wrote me handwritten letters stating he should not have done this and next thing you know he’s free and I get 40 years.  Bravo for Lee County, their acting couch put on a great show. Please read my other blogs if you are at all interested in my situation and would like the complete story.

As I’ve continued to say all along, the allegations against me are a complete fabrication that fail to meet the elements of the charges. I deserve a fair trial in a non-biased venue that won’t block my evidence and tie my hands to keep me from defending myself. The alleged victims, who suffered no financial or physical damages, have abused their power by using the court they control to manipulate the outcome.  This is an absolute injustice.  

Do you think it is fair that I have been called a terrorist to influence the jury with information that is untrue and has nothing to do with the charges?

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