How God Has Blessed Me

Here I am spending another Thanksgiving in jail hoping that this will end soon and justice will be served. I expected trial to be over weeks ago and thought I would be home with my family this holiday season, but the powers that be in Lee County, Florida will be dragging this malicious prosecution against me out as long as they can. Despite all of that, I know that God has a special plan for me, as He does for all of us. I also realize how blessed I am.

Yes, I have been wrongfully and unlawfully incarcerated for 2 1/2 years, but I am still very blessed. Blessed to be here typing this message to you from jail, blessed to have family who love me, and blessed to have very supportive friend. I’m blessed for the food I am about to receive in just a few minutes, and for my health and safety. There is so much to give thanks for today, and I wanted to take a moment to express that to you. Sure, my life has been taken away from me for the moment, and yes, my wife left me after 17 years together, and some family members and friends have believed the lies spread by false news stories and turned their backs on me. But, I’m stll here and that is a blessing. God is protecting me every day and He wants me to get through this and serve Him in a special way that I was not doing before all of this began. I look at this as an awakening, an education of sorts. Sometimes we need drastic events in our lives to occur to shape our future and help us become the people we were meant to be. I know these crimes against me can’t go on forever, and God will shine his light on the truth and expose those hiding in the darkness perpetrating their evil acts.

In jail there are many inmates who don’t have anyone out there. They have nobody to call, they don’t have any visitations, and they don’t have money for extra food or other commissary items. Because I’m not from this area I don’t have regular visitations (which is through a video screen so it’s not a real face to face visit), but I have so many other blessings. First, I have my mother’s support, which is the best thing in the world. At my age I should not have to rely on my mother, but I would really be lost without her. As I fight this case on my own, and have been forced to act as my own attorney, she has been in my corner every step of the way. She assists with research and is basically my eyes and ears out there. Like I said, I couldn’t do this without here. She even traveled across the country to be at my trial, only to have it canceled the day before. This was likely intentional, since the State monitors my every move to give themselves an upper hand at trial, but we can’t let them deter us. They have probably read this message before you have. Still, there is nothing like a mother’s love, and willingness to fight for her children. I love you Mom and can’t thank you enough.

Several family members have turned their backs on me, but those who matter most have not. My brothers Chris and Russell, and their families, have been very supportive and shown me so much love during this time. My friends are amazing. I have 7-8 friends who I communicate with on a regular basis. These are friends I’ve had from 16-33 years! Most people don’t have that many friends at all, and I have that many who have stood by me and allowed me to lean on them. They write me emails on a regular basis, they pick up the phone when I call, they help me by putting money in my account for commissary, what an incredible blessing! I feel like the luckiest man in here just for that. There is no need to focus on the friends who aren’t there for me, when my closest friends throughout my life, those who know me and know my heart, have been so strong. It brings me to tears sometimes when I talk about my friends to other inmates, because they are such a blessing. I can’t thank you enough Kevin, Darin, Caren, Jhamual, Duane, Jenn and G. I love you guys and you’re so amazing. If I accidentally left anyone out I apologize, but the seven of you keep me going.

Many of my posts focus on my criminal court case and the injustices surrounding it, but it’s also important for me to give thanks and recognize the many blessings and show gratitude to the Lord for those blessings. I hope you can do the same on this Thanksgiving Day because we are so lucky to be here. Things could always be worse, and we have the gift of life. This is such a short journey in the grand scheme of things and our true joy will happen in eternity. When I read about the apostle Paul I’m always so amazed by his faith through the trials and tribulations of his life. He spent years in prisons praising Jesus and spreading the good news throughout the world, yet his physical experience was awful, with many years of bondage. However, you would never know it by his teachings. Everything was wonderful for him because he knew what the future would bring.

So, today let’s give thanks to all of the wonderful blessings in our lives. The people around us, the air we breathe, the sun shining bright, the food we consume, and all of the things that may be overlooked through our day to day activities. Let’s keep an attitude of gratitude today and always.

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless You!



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