Why You Still Need Us

I’m the type of person who tries to do everything himself before asking for or hiring help. However, one thing I’ve always known is the importance of a good real estate agent. I’m not just saying that as a current Realtor, because I knew this many years before being licensed. As a mortgage professional and real estate investor I’ve worked with hundreds of agents over the years. Even during my mortgage years when I battled with agents on both sides of the deal and swore that I’d never cross the line and join the “darkside” myself, I still respected the value that a good agent brings to the deal.

The ultimate “do-it-yourselfer” in real estate finally realized the importance in using a professional. Colby Sambrotto, founder and CEO of ForSaleBuyOwner.com used his own methods of advertising to try and sell his 2,000 square-foot New York condo. With no luck after six months, Sambrotto hired Broker Jesse Buckler, who informed him that his price was too low and he was attracting the wrong type of buyer. After resisting his new broker’s advice to up his asking price, Sambrotto finally gave into to Buckler, who sold his home for more than $150,000 of his original asking price.

Remember, working with a Realtor usually doesn’t cost you any out of pocket or up front costs, and just might put an additional $150,000 back in your pocket. We know what’s going on out there and help take the emotion away from the buying or selling process.

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