Buffet Gives Bank of American Money “They Don’t Need”

I am disgusted after learning that investor giant, Warren Buffet invested $5 billion of his personal money to bail out about the most evil and greedy bank in the country or even the world. This evil empire, Bank of America, goes beyond performing illegal and forceful foreclosure practices, they’ve been screwing the public every which way for years.

There is currently a class-action lawsuit taking place against the bank for their overdraft practices that has them purposely paying larger checks first, despite the order that they were submitted, in order to cause smaller checks to overdraft incurring multiple fees for the additional checks. I don’t currently use big banks at all, but in my experience Bank of America is by far the biggest bunch of crooks and scam artists out there.

With this being said, why is Warren Buffet giving them money to help? They claim to have lost $9 Billion in the last 18 months resulting from legal issues concerning foreclosures. Basically, they’ve been fraudulently taking peoples’ homes away from them and now they have to pay. Makes sense…so why are they being bailed out? When normal people break the law they go to jail, but when big financial companies do it, the government or in this case, Warren Buffet, throw money at them to save them. None of these rich elitist want this party to end any time soon, despite the crumbling of our economy and the nearly valueless dollar that is tied to pieces of paper and nothing physical like the gold standard. Remember those days? Didn’t that make sense? Not anymore when these companies measure their stock price on how many pieces of paper are in their portfolio, not the true value of these assets. Hence, the reason why they are not making it easy for short-sales or loan modification. Apparently the money in their hands doesn’t look as good as the fake money in their books for these over-valued assets.

I guess I’m a bit disappointed because I was actually dumb enough to have some respect for Buffet but he’s just as much a part of the problem as these greedy banks. He now represents them and is part of the group that is continuously trying to drop the hammer on the little guy. I know, I know, if BOA goes under people will lose their jobs. So, instead of business being conducted legally, this scam is tied to our economy so everything will be done to keep this crap going.

The worst part about this Buffet investment into Bank of America is that they claim that they don’t even need it. “In the shaky couple of weeks that we’ve gone through in the financial markets, it’s a good time for this vote of confidence by a savvy investor,” says Charles O. Holliday Jr., the bank’s chairman. “We didn’t need the capital, but it doesn’t hurt to have more in a volatile time.”

Did he just want to sit on the board and be a part of what they are doing to Americans because it sure seems that way. Maybe the presence of Buffet will legitimize the BOA practices or help their name in some way, but I find it to be absolutely disgusting. Of course CNN, FOX News and the rest of the puppets out there will paint it as such a great thing, but I think it speaks volume about Buffet’s character and the direction we are heading as a country. He is certainly not a man for the people when he could have invested that money in better areas instead of piling on top of the biggest bank in the country and give them more power. This is all part of widening the gap between the wealthy elite and what is left of the middle class.

I’ve got an idea, Buffet…how about investing in those who actually need the money, instead of those who have made their Billions by screwing the people. These bank chairpeople are basically government officials and they’re all in bed together. They either go from politics to having high-powered influential positions in big banking, or they go the other way around and go from the banking executive positions to “economists” for the government.

With the government and the banks being one in the same, what do you do? Don’t just take my word for it, do a little research and connect the dots. America is quickly going back in time and the financial system is crumbling. Bottom line, bring back the gold standard. That’s the only true measure of our economy, not how many pieces of paper can be created from a special government printing press.