A Quiet Title Workshop, West Palm Beach, FL

Quiet Title WorkshopYou’re invited to South Florida’s first Quiet Title Workshop
by The US Property Shop, LLC


Attn: Realtors, Investors, Homeowners, and Attorneys

This workshop is vital to surviving the foreclosure crisis…and WINNING!

It’s time to STOP THE BANKS from victimizing homeowners and dictating our deals. They are hurting homeowners, investors, and Realtors with this abuse. Why should they determine the short-sales when THEY DON’T HAVE LEGAL STANDING?!

Those are the two magic words so I’ll say it again…. “Legal Standing”

Attorneys have a new “game changer” in foreclosure defense. Realtors can now help their clients better than ever before, and protect their own commission in the process! Investors and Homeowners can now fight and force the bank to prove legal standing on the mortgage!! Here’s what you will learn in this all day, action-packed training session:

• You will learn about securitization!
• Do you know the true reason you can’t modify?
• Why MERS was created? Was loan bi-furcated?
• Why is the 91st day so important to the lender?
• Who’s the lender?  Why Quiet Title?  Why there’s no such thing as a short sale?

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To learn more about this One-Day Opportunity to learn from the masters and completely change your career, please visit our event page using the link below. We look forward to seeing you in West Palm Beach this December!

Banks Jammed Up by Their Own Bad Bad Practices

According to the Wall Street Journal, federal and state officials are working toward a settlement with the nations largest banks regarding foreclosure practices. These banks are now seeking legal protection to their bad documents and poor practices that they created. With Quiet Title Action being filed against these banks and judges coming down hard on these greedy lenders for these crooked practices, the banks are trying to keep their scam going to protecting the fraud that they already committed.

As they try to fight claims tied to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS), loan origination, securitization, robo-signing practices, and other techniques that are now blowing up in the lenders’ face. As homeowners and foreclosure defense attorneys continue to successfully fight back against these banks, they can’t take the fact that the scam is over. They’ve bled homeowners dry and have been paid over and over again, in addition to write-offs and deficiency judgements that steal even more from foreclosure victims and crippling their credit.

To learn more about Quiet Title Action and how it can help you as a homeowner, investor, realtor, or attorney, please visit the link below: