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November 11, 2016 / admin

New York Author Randal Rosado Targeted by Corrupt Florida Officials


New York Author Randal Rosado Targeted by Corrupt Florida Officials –

How an Innocent Man’s Life was Ruined with Lies and an Unlawful Arrest

The Kidnapping/Arrest

At approximately 6:00am on June 28, 2016 my wife was woken by the sounds of shouting as agents from the FBI and Lee County, Florida Office of the State Attorney burst into my home with guns drawn and flashlights shining in my face. I was sleeping on the couch in our living room and was the target of this SWAT Team-style intrusion, and I was handcuffed and quickly taken into custody. We would soon learn that an arrest warrant was issued in the state of Florida less than 24 hours earlier, I was labeled as a fugitive of the law, despite these Florida officials being fully aware of my whereabouts. We even suspect that the officials who conducted this gangster-style raid were already in New York at the time a Lee County judge signed the warrant just hours earlier on June 27, 2016. It doesn’t seem possible that there would be an early enough flight to allow them to storm my at 6:00am as they had.

We would also come to find out that I was arrested based on allegations of crimes involving a man named Joel Soucy. Mr. Soucy, a Massachusetts resident, was previously arrested and jailed in Lee County, Florida for filing documents involving a civil foreclosure case with two investment properties he owns in that county. In order to escape charges he was facing Soucy blamed me for the paperwork, which had his name and was submitted by him. Soucy was a client of mine for whom I set up land trusts for investment properties he owned. Soucy also consulted with me on his civil foreclosure matter. Soucy, who is a self-proclaimed private attorney general, and who studied with various individuals regarding commerce and common law remedies, was given 10 1/2 years probation in exchange to conspire with Lee County against me.

Immediately following my arrest, the Lee County Office of the State Attorney and Lee County FBI agents conducted an unlawful search and seizure of our personal property from our New York apartment. In addition to violating the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution, they also violated Article 1, Section 12 of the New York and Florida Constitutions. They even admitted to unlawfully tapping our phones in violation of Article 1, Section 12 of the Florida Constitution, as well as violating Florida Statute 934.06 – 934.09 pertaining to proper procedure for wire taps. Maybe they felt the rules didn’t apply since they were in New York. My wife and I were aware that our conversations were being listened to, but we had nothing to hide and thought of it as nothing more than an annoying nuisance. We did find it strange that Robert Nichols of the Lee County State Attorney’s office and Robert Foley, former special agent of the FBI in Lee County lied about the potentially unlawful intrusion. They told me that they weren’t listening to his calls, while when threatening and interrogating my wife they had stated they were listening to us for months. This was obviously a scare tactic, but still unlawful just the same.

Unlawful Search and Seizure

After my wife was being held hostage in our apartment following my arrest, she was ridiculed, humiliated and forced to leave the bathroom door open while using the toilet. The agents paraded around my home without a search warrant and with no local law enforcement in sight. My wife was finally allowed to leave our apartment when a search warrant was provided by Orange County, New York judge, Robert Freehill. She was told by Robert Nichols that she could return home after 4:00pm, as the warrant allowed the search to be conducted from 9:00am – 4:00pm. That obviously didn’t matter to the Florida criminals with badges, nor to the Orange County, New York officers who sat back and allowed it to happen, as the search began shortly after 6:00am when I was kidnapped.

Upon returning home after 4:00pm my wife would learn that they further violated the judge’s search warrant with the assistance of Officer Keith Wilkerson and Sergeant Ryan W. Rich of the Village of Goshen Police Department, showing us that the officials in Orange County, New York were as corrupt as those visiting from Florida. They certainly had no problem breaking the law and conspiring against my wife and I.

What she witnessed after arriving home was appalling and horrifying at the same time. At that point my wife realized the true evil of this vile and heinous group of sociopaths who represent themselves as the law. They went far out of their way to torture her in such a fashion that has left her disturbed and haunted ever since. As a survivor of the 9/11 tragedy, when she escaped the 95th floor of Tower II of the World Trade Center, she is among a group of people who witnessed things that no human should ever have to endure. Nearly 100 of her friends and colleagues perished that day, and she is still traumatized by flashbacks of that terrible day in our country’s history. Not to mention the physical ailments that remain in my wife’s body since. However, as difficult as her memories of 9/11 are, she is more traumatized by what occurred at our residence by the hands of Village of Goshen Police Department and Lee County, Florida officials on June 28, 2016. All done to settle a personal vendetta by Linda Doggett, the Lee County Clerk of Court, a few judges who work for her, and carried out by their colleagues at the local sheriff and state attorney’s office. Quite disgusting.

Harassment and Police Misconduct

When my wife re-entered our home after the Lee County State Attorney and FBI agents from Lee County completed the unlawful search and violated Judge Freehill’s search warrant, her body was frozen with fear from the acts of evil that were left for her to see. She felt completely violated and helpless.

When you are abused and humiliated by the law, who do you turn to? How do you report these crimes against humanity?

In addition to the countless threats made against my wife hours earlier, telling her they would come back and arrest her if she tried to do anything about it. On my desk the FBI agents working for Robert Foley intentionally and strategically left photos of my wife and I on display, showcasing our most special moments, knowing she was distraught and fragile after my arrest. This included photos from our wedding day, our honeymoon and other various occasions. In our bedroom laying on top of a pile of my wife’s shoes taken out of the closet was an item of a sexual nature, something extremely personal and private, and which was kept hidden and well out of sight. On another pile of clothes removed from my closet was a lingerie item (a bustier to be more specific) laid out in clear view. These cruel and vicious animals even had the audacity to leave a $20 bill on our bed, essentially calling her a “twenty-dollar whore.” At least this is how we interpreted the message.

My wife realized that these evil creatures were not even human when she saw the urn containing the ashes of her deceased mother removed from its box and tossed aside like a piece of trash. She was in complete shock when witnessing this horror. She was scared and alone; feeling haunted and violated in her own home. Their evil energy was everywhere and she couldn’t sleep in her own bed for more than a month after the attack. It took a number of rituals, including the burning of white sage and other Eastern remedies to help clear the awful energy that lingered throughout the home. In the end, however, she felt no other choice except to move out and away from this permanent reminder of torment.

Tampering with Evidence

Days after my arrest my wife was denied a copy of the arrest report by the Village of Goshen Police, who gave her the run around. First she was told that she could obtain a copy through the Village Town Hall, so she went there and was informed that she needed to complete a Freedom of Information Act request. She complied with the request and was told she would receive a copy of my arrest report in two to three days. After hearing nothing back for four to five days my wife phoned the Village Hall to check the status. She was told that the report was not available and they would call when it was ready. The following day she received a call back from from the Village Hall in Goshen telling her her that they could not provide her a copy of the arrest report as promised, due to the case being “an open investigation.” This was odd considering my charges were not in New York, and Orange County Judge, Nicholas DeRosa specifically informed me on the record during a hearing on June 30, 2016 that the allegations were out of Florida, and that his court could not rule on the alleged crimes. They could only make a determination as to whether or not I was the correct person in custody based on the filing of a Writ of Habeas Corpus. By deliberately withholding the arrest report and other facts regarding my case, the Village of Goshen Police Department has participated in the tampering of evidence. The police department, and more specifically Keith Wilkerson and Ryan W. Rich, further tampered with evidence by failing to be present while the accusers themselves conducted the search and controlled the alleged evidence while violating the judge’s search warrant. Talk about letting the fox run wild in the hen house!

The Lee County Office of the State Attorney and the Lee County FBI were not authorized to execute the search warrant alone and without oversight and supervision, so any alleged evidence seized from our apartment is tainted and tampered with. They even hacked my email account, changed my password and had the messages redirected to a Florida real estate agent named Norman Smith Becerra, who works for Weichert Realty in Miami. In this conspiracy to commit crime against me, these public officials in Orange County, New York and Lee County, Florida have proven to be beyond corrupt.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

It is amazing to me how police and the media work in conjunction to ruin people’s lives. This situation has opened my eyes to government corruption and the role the media plays in convicting people before they are even convicted or sentenced at a jury trial. You also learn very quickly who your friends are, and which members of your family will stand by you during the tough times. Despite being judged by a number of people who have turned their backs on us during this ordeal, my wife and I have been so graciously blessed with the love and support of so many of our family and friends. They knew how true my heart is, and have stood by me without question or judgment. We have both been blessed with friends we’ve remained close with over several decades, and that love and support has made all of the difference in the world. I probably had more visits than any other inmate in Orange County Jail during my time there, or at least more visits than the other inmates from my housing unit. My wife was there every day that allowed visitation, my best friend Kevin made numerous trips to see him, and two of my brothers would come to see me frequently. Our friends from out of state remained in close contact with my wife so she didn’t feel so alone, and to also keep up-to-date on the status of things. Having this kind of support is warming to our hearts, and reminds us of how special the people in our lives are to us. Her closest friends love me and never doubted my innocence for a moment. They have stood by her to keep her strong.

Unfortunately however, there were still plenty of mean and hateful people who were quick to judge me and my wife, spreading their nastiness like a venom; looking for every opportunity to say something negative about the both of us. One person in particular is my sister Fran, who is married to a former long-time elected sheriff from Lubbock, Texas and now works for Governor Rick Perry. Not once has Fran showed any concern about me, but instead will look for updates on the internet just to gossip about him other family members. When the police refused to cooperate and provide us with copies of the arrest warrant or arrest report, my wife called Fran to see if her husband David could at least help us get a copy of the arrest report from Florida to see the allegations. Big mistake. Without having a shred of detail about the situation my wife was basically told that I deserved what was happening, then labeling the both of us with continued insults. Fran told my mother, “I wouldn’t help my own children in a situation like this, so what makes you think I would help my brother?” We were not asking for help, just trying to find information. What bothered us most was the hypocrisy. Fran works for a company called GTL, an off-shoot of an AT&T division, and they have the phone contracts for many jails and prisons around the country, including the Orange County Jail in New York and the Lee County Jail in Florida. While David was the sheriff for Lubbock he worked with the jails throughout Texas, and the two of them met many years ago when Fran was working for AT&T and bidding for the jail phone contracts. They were each married at the time and ended up having an affair (so I am told by family members) and subsequently divorcing their spouses in order to be together. I am not stating this from a place of judgment, as it certainly appears that the two of them are very much in love.

The point is, my sister despises being judged or having anyone discuss details of her personal life. She made that clear a number of years ago when she berated my father and brought him to tears because he shared that she and David were fighting during one of his visits and it got back to her. So, to have this woman insult my wife and accuse her of wrongdoing for standing by me, I take issue. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses…needless to say, Fran should put down the rocks and spend some time cleaning her windows. Her first of three husbands, and the father to three of four of her children was a career criminal who spent decades incarcerated before murdering his girlfriend and taking his own life a few years back. But we’re not supposed to talk about that. In the fifteen years my wife and I have been together there has never been a time when my sister was not at odds with a family member. She has not spoken to her oldest daughter or grandchildren in years, she has a long-time feud that she initiated with our brother Chris, and she was not even on speaking terms with her cousin Mary until she learned that Mary had cancer and was on her death bed. Unfortunately Mary passed earlier this year. It seems that the relationships in her life are part of a strategy to benefit only her and no one else.

As for David, he seems like a good man, but in many ways he represents the hypocrisy and double-standards that reflect everything that is wrong with law enforcement. It’s the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality, and it’s a corrupt system. During his time as sheriff he would laugh about how he and Fran’s road trips and how he would be pulled over traveling at speeds of as high as 120 mph, only to have the officer smile and send him on his way. He and Fran would brag about driving with an open bottle of wine in their car and wine glasses in hand, but they want to judge me and my wife? David would boast when driving expensive vehicles that were confiscated from local drug dealers. Apparently it’s okay for police to use vehicles purchased with drug money because after all, it is “police business.”

Now they want to call me a criminal without knowing the background or details of the story? Ordinary people, or “civilians” go to jail for the choices David makes on a daily basis, but since he is law enforcement it is okay. They are very consumed with power and surround themselves with prominent, influential people whenever possible. David’s childhood friend Sam was the judge in Lubbock until he was accused of rape and found himself in the middle of quite a controversy. Needless to say they no longer associate with Sam since he doesn’t make the cut and it no longer benefits them politically.

I didn’t mean to go off on an tangent but I can’t stand back and be abused more than I have been. My sister should just call my wife and say, “thank you,” considering we’ve paid her company thousands of dollars in phone calls and commissary orders, which has certainly gone toward paying her salary.

Defamation of Character

A couple of weeks after my arrest I was told of more false allegations online from the Florida crooks, led by none other than the Lee County State Attorney’s Office. Assistant State Attorney, Michael Brown, with the help of Florida Office of Financial Regulation, printed complete lies about me that cannot be substantiated. The lies were in a report sent to Florida Governor Rick Scott, with the most outrageous claims. The allegations state that I filed arrest warrants against the Lee County Court Clerk Linda Doggett, and judges Joseph Fuller and John Duryea. It also states that I forged real estate deeds and filed fraudulent documents, none of which is true or could be proven. This was an intentional defamation to ruin my name in order to paint a picture to the public that cannot be undone. The report claims that deeds were forged in Lee, Collier and Palm Beach counties, which is false and they have no proof of these lies. WINK News in Fort Myers, Florida ran a news story repeating the same phony allegations to further trash our lives. This is common practice in Lee County adn throughout Florida, to print fabricated stories to manipulate public opinion in an open case and prior to trial. This is just criminal, yet it happens every day. This defamation is part of a federal suit I filed, and additional lawsuits can be expected against WINK News and others.

Ineffective Counsel

I was assigned Legal Aid Attorney David Landine, who refused to do anything for my case. Because it was an extradition case and the charges were not from New York, this attorney urged me to waive extradition and be taken to the corrupt Lee County, rather than to fight the charges, ignoring the unlawful arrest and search altogether.

We quickly realized that local officials in Orange County, New York were conspiring with my accusers in Lee County to have me transported and tried in the very venue that they control. Attorney Landine was against me from the very first hearing, and when my wife attended a court hearing on July 28, 2016 in Judge Nicholas DeRosa’s courtroom. She witnessed my attorney insult him while speaking to another attorney. Landine sarcastically said, “This guy needs to find another profession.” How is anyone expected to receive fair treatment when their own attorney is against them? I filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus that was completely ignored by the court and never heard, which violates Article 1 Section 4 of the New York Constitution. He even filed a Form 18-B to terminate David Landine as his attorney, but that was ignored as well.

When I attended another hearing on September 22, 2016 the wrong defendant appeared in court for my case and nobody knew the difference. The man whom they thought was I didn’t inform the court that it was not his case, and it wasn’t until my wife brought it to the judge’s attention that they stopped the proceeding to bring me in. If my wife had not been there, the hearing would have taken place without me ever seeing the judge. It just goes to show that we are all just numbers in their system.

The Extradition

After 92 days in the Orange County Jail, I was extradited on September 27, 2016. I was woken at 2:30am, and to my surprise I was picked up by van. While we were initially given the impression I would be sent to Florida by plane, it turned out that I would travel in a van full of inmates on what I refer to as “The North American Prison Tour.” Instead of going from New York to Florida as one might think, my extradition took a total of 12 days and I traveled more than 12,000 miles. My wife was shocked and devastated to learn of the conditions of my extradition, as it hardly seemed humane. I was handcuffed and shackled for 105 straight hours in a van that traveled day and night, only stopping to pick up inmates at various jails. I was not able to shower, brush my teeth or even lie down to sleep for five days straight before finally being left in White County Jail in Searcy, Arkansas for a few nights.

After continuing the trip from Arkansas I would once again be handcuffed and shackled for another 64 hours before arriving in Lee County. I traveled through nearly 20 states in total during the trip, going as far as Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, and everywhere in between. Between being a vegan and the inmates being fed only small items from the McDonald’s Dollar Menu, I lost a significant amount of weight. Most days during the trip I ate one hash-brown for breakfast and medium french fries for lunch and dinner. I was 20 pounds lighter from the date of my initial arrest until the end of my first week in Lee County Jail.

Bogus Charges and Excessive Bond

The morning after arriving in Lee County, Florida I was in front of Judge Gonzales for first appearance. The same officials accusing me with these false allegations are now in control and ready to settle a personal vendetta. They are attempting to charge me on 15 counts of harassing a public official based on documents filed by someone else. They have also placed an obscene bond against me for $100,000 per count, totaling $1.5 million. Imagine that, I, a computer consultant, has a bond that exceeded every defendant in court with me combined, which is over 25 of them! The other defendants include violent offenders, those with gun charges, and many repeat felons. Meanwhile, I have never been charged with a felony or violent crime in my life. As an eighteen year-old in 1991, I was charged with a misdemeanor driving while ability impaired (DWAI) in New York twenty-five years earlier. I have never been convicted or a crime since then, yet now he has a bond that is higher than rapists or murderers? Is there something wrong with this picture?

Lee County has even conspired with St. Lucie County, who also issued a warrant with the same false allegations. Once again, I have never had any communication or filed documents in this county ever, yet they have also attacked me based on the personal agenda of local public officials.

While the charges in these counties are identical, St. Lucie County has bonds in the amount of $10,000 per count – ten times less than that of Lee County. Once again, what is wrong with this picture? If this doesn’t scream of conspiracy I don’t know what does. The bonds in St. Lucie are insanely high as it is, and Lee County is beyond outrageous. Both counties are using the same state statutes in their allegations, but Lee County has a bond that is ten times higher per count.

Federal Lawsuit

As a result of the crimes committed against me by various public officials from multiple counties in New York and Florida, I have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit in the United States District Southern District of New York. The defendants include Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Lee County State Attorney Stephen Russell, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara, Indian River Sheriff Deryl Loar, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Village of Goshen police officers Keith Wilkerson, and Ryan Rich, Lee County Court Clerk Linda Doggett and others. I intend to file additional cases against Robert Nichols of the Lee County State Attorney’s Office, Robert Foley of the FBI, WINK News Digital Content Producer Sabrina Lolo, and others.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk Oakland via photopin (license)

November 9, 2016 / admin

Email Cyber Attack by Weichert Realty


After my unlawful arrest and the unlawful search and seizure of my New York apartment by Robert Nichols (Lee County State Attorney’s Office) and Robert Foley (Lee County FBI Field Office) on June 28, 2016, my email account was hacked by Best Beach Real Estate, a Miami real estate company under the umbrella of Weichert Realty (Weichert Co.).

When our web host support technician learned of the unauthorized password change to my account, he discovered that emails were set up to forward to The email belongs to licensed real estate sales agent Norman Becerra aka Norman Smith Becerra of Best Beach Real Estate, located at 7145 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33141. I don’t know the connection between Becerra, the agency’s licensed broker, Abraham Chehebar and the Lee County officials, but I expect to find out in a federal civil suit filed in the Southern District of New York.

Defendants in that case include Lee County State Attorney Stephen B. Russell, Assistant State Attorney Michael Brown, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and others. Chehebar, Becerra and Best Beach Realty’s manager, Adolfo Gil will be called as witnesses at the upcoming trial and be expected to explain their role in my stolen identity. After the cyber attack I was forced to file an identity theft complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

James M. Weichert, President and CEO of Weichert Co. with corporate offices in Morris Plains, New Jersey failed to respond to inquiries about the hack. Mr. Weichert may also be called as a witness in the New York Federal case and the company could be named in an additional civil suit due to the damages caused by the stolen information. We are trying to find the affiliation between Weichert, Robert Nichols, Robert Foley and others involved with the ongoing attacks and crimes against me. A complaint was filed with the Florida Real Estate Commission but no response was received.

photo credit: Idaho National Laboratory INL@Work Cyber Security Researcher via photopin (license)

November 8, 2016 / admin

TD Bank Mortgage Broker Delivers Documents Linked to Florida Criminal Case


I have been targeted in an attack from a clerk of court, judges and attorneys in Lee County, Florida, with a personal vendetta. I was unlawfully arrested on June 26, 2016 in Goshen, New York before being extradited to Lee County Jail in Florida where I am currently incarcerated.

I learned that my arrest resulted from a conspiracy against me by Assistant State Attorney Michael Brown and a Massachusetts man named Joel Soucy. Mr. Soucy was previously arrested and sentenced in Lee County (Case No. 15-CF-000520-BEK) for federal arrest warrants and other documents he filed against some Lee County officials. Soucy had his documents notarized and delivered by TD Bank Mortgage Broker John M. Twombly III, and has decided to blame me for his paperwork in exchange for a reduced sentence. Joel Soucy is a self-proclaimed Private Attorney General who has studied and consulted with Tim Turner, Winston Shrout, Bill Thornton, Beverly “Trvth” Grimes, Andrew paul Mitchell and others, who provide training and consultation on constitutional and private commerce studies.

Whether the Massachusetts mortgage broker, Twombly, understood the documents he notarized and delivered for Soucy, or was tricked into presenting them by overnight mail on Soucy’s behalf is not yet known. What is known is that I’ve been blamed, unlawfully jailed and had my life and reputation ruined as a result. John M. Twombly, III, a mortgage broker with NMLS # 530899 works at the TD Bank branch located at 2 Harbor Loop in Gloucester, Massachusetts 01939.

Soucy used another notary from his inner circle named Daniel H. Sweeney of 140 Leonard Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930. Mr. Sweeney also notarized and delivered documents for Soucy, and may have declined to assist Soucy further, causing him to seek assistance from the TD Bank mortgage broker – notary.

Both notaries will likely be contacted to testify in the criminal case against me with case no. 16-00275CF, and as witnesses at trial in a New York Federal suit with case no. 16-CV-06916-NSR.

Even if the documents filed by Soucy are not fraudulent, Lee County State Attorney Stephen B. Russell has used it as an excuse to charge Joel Soucy, and then used his same documents to charge me. All of Soucy’s paperwork, including the arrest warrants, Private Attorney General filings with the Massachusetts Secretary of State, and Foreign judgments recorded in Florida, North Carolina and Massachusetts were notarized and/or presented by John M. Twombly, III or Daniel H. Sweeney. I have never met or spoken with either individual, and am not involved or responsible for the content of Mr. Soucy’s work.

Soucy hired me as a consultant for real estate trusts and for assistance in identifying mortgage fraud on some of his homes, and used his payment receipts to me for those services to make a deal with Assistant State Attorney, Michael Brown to justify having me charged for his actions. Joel Soucy is the owner of Soucy Construction located 17 Nashua Avenue, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930. I have never met Mr. Soucy in person.

photo credit: JeepersMedia TD Bank via photopin (license)

November 7, 2016 / admin

Public Storage to Be Named in Federal Suit for Theft of Property

public-storage-vero-beachOn June 30, 2016 Florida Sheriff’s Offices led by Ken Mascara of St. Lucie County and Deryl Loar of Indian River County, along with Lee County State Attorney Stephen B. Russell and Assistant State Attorney Michael Brown, orchestrated an unlawful search of our storage united with Public Storage (shown left), located at 155 S. US Highway 1 in Vero Beach, Florida.

The search followed by unlawful arrest in New York two days earlier, based on a personal vendetta from Lee County Court Clerk, Linda Doggett and some judges and attorneys in that same county. The search violated the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, Article 1 Section 12 of the Florida Constitution and United States Code, requiring a legal search warrant to be provided with an inventory of the contents and seized items.

Our contract with Public Storage is current and all monthly payments have been made timely, but my wife and I have no idea where our possessions are at this time. When contacting Public Storage I was refused any information about the condition or whereabouts of our items, and District Manager, Wendy Maxwell failed to provide a return call as promised by Annette, a staff member at the Vero Beach location. Our attempts to contact President, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Ronald L. Havner at the corporate office in Glendale, California were unsuccessful.

We have continued making our monthly payments to protect our property, but at this point we don’t know if we will ever see our personal belongings again.

The storage unit with Public Storage contains 15 years of memories from our life together, dating back to before our 2003 wedding. This includes our wedding photos, my wife’s wedding dress, furniture and some of our most important treasures and memories. We don’t even know if our property is in the storage unit that we continue to pay for. Price cannot be placed on some of the these most special items and we have been completely violated.

Sheriffs Ken Mascara and Deryl Loar have been named as defendants in a federal lawsuit in New York’s Southern District for their participation in the theft. Stephen B. Russell, Michael Brown, Linda Doggett and others are also defendants based on their ongoing crimes against me and my wife.

Additional suits can be expected against Public Storage for their involvement in the conspiracy and theft. Florida law enforcement has once again abused its power to satisfy a personal agenda, and Public Storage has broken the law with them by violating our rights and failing to abide by the constitution, state and federal laws.


September 1, 2014 / admin

Where Do We Draw the Line for Being Too Nice?

preying on you

Have you ever had a friend so generous that they would give you the shirt off of someone else’s back? You know, one of those people who is always happy to help at the expense of another? I have a friend/colleague who is just like that…let’s say his name is “Dan” to protect his identity. Dan and I have known each other for about 15 months or so. It took me a long time to gain any trust for Dan because I felt from the beginning that he was taking advantage of me. It seemed clear the day we signed a lease for an office space for our business, which he agreed to run for us.

Dan is very close with his family, specifically his oldest brother and mother, who all live together. They were all together when my wife and I showed up at the office to meet with the building manager and review the lease. Confused as to why there was a posse of people waiting for us to seal the deal on the office, we rolled with it as best as we could. After signing the documents and handing the check to the property manager, we invited the group to join us for a celebratory lunch for our new venture. We met at a casual tiki bar along the water to sip some wine and enjoy some Caribbean food.

We arrived first with Dan’s group a few minutes behind us. When they sat down I thanked them for joining us, and his mother replied, “Dan was going to take us home but I told him that you invited all of us so we were going!” Don’t get me wrong, she was pleasant and wasn’t trying to be rude, but it made me start to analyze the thought process. The bottom line was that we did invite them and the gesture was certainly sincere, but when you get response that doesn’t feel like gratitude but more of a feeling of “I knew you were paying so of course I was showing up to eat!”, it makes you cock an eyebrow…at least it did for me and my wife. Not to mention that Dan and his brother acknowledged that they don’t normally drink wine but thought they would have some that day since we were already celebrating. Regardless of my mind wondering whether or not I just made a mistake inviting this man to represent our company, the lunch was quite enjoyable and the weather was perfect.

As we finished lunch and continued to enjoy some wine, Dan, holding the menu in his hand called the waitress over to answer a few questions about some specific items. We couldn’t hear the conversation over the music and since the rest of us were in discussion and nobody was paying attention anyway. Then it all started to come together. After pouring some more wine into mine and my wife’s glasses, I put the bottle down on the table and Dan quickly picked it up to examine how much was left. He kind of mumbled something about not being enough wine left, which was confusing to me since he had barely drank anything that was already in his glass. Unable to understand what he was trying to say, I asked him what the problem was and he then notified me that his lady friend, whom we had never met before, was joining us for lunch. Apparently his unexpected guest was also a fan of red wine, so he wanted to be sure there was enough to accommodate her, hence the need to order another bottle. Oh, and that little conversation with the waitress was Dan ordering his girlfriend’s lunch, which was timed perfectly since the food was ready in time for the arrival of our unknown guest.

Despite feeling like I just got mugged in public, I did my best to keep my composure while Dan’s girlfriend finished eating her lunch and drinking her wine. What’s worse is that this woman was not pleasant at all, almost to the point of being rude. I could feel my wife’s energy as she sat next to me, and after 13 years together we can practically read each other’s thoughts in these situations. Except my wife wears her emotions on her sleeve and is still struggling with the concept of the poker face. Actually, as I am writing this I remembered the text messages we exchanged at the table so I pasted it below…LOL!

moocher So, we made it through lunch and had plenty to talk about during our trip home. About a month after renting the office I was approached by the property manager regarding Dan. She informed me about a complaint from one of the receptionist staff, a young female, who felt that Dan had made some inappropriate comments to her. This was certainly not a good representation of our business, and a huge potential liability, especially with Dan being a 41-year old man. To save our reputation in the building I addressed the situation head-on with all parties so it didn’t escalate. Fortunately they acknowledged that the receptionist could have taken things out of context, but we still weren’t convinced that Dan was innocent either. He seemed to be spending more time in the business of the other tenants than actually bringing in clients for our company as he had promised.

In the months ahead I was never bashful about telling Dan what was on my mind. I didn’t feel that his performance was up to speed and I let him know. When I thought he might be using my office for personal business I let him know. When he asked for advances on commissions I reminded him of our investment in him and told him he didn’t deserve it. I beat up Dan whenever I thought he deserved it and that was often. I thought he would have walked out for sure but he had a thick skin. I began to respect him more because he knew I didn’t trust him and I made it clear, but he still wanted to win me over. As we began working together on other projects Dan’s contribution improved. He brought ideas and people to the table that could help us in some other business ventures we began working on. He started to prove his dependability and loyalty, which meant a lot to me. We could always count on Dan to check our mail when we travel, make bank deposits, and handle other helpful tasks for us. He really earned his trust with us after a very rocky start. I consider him to be a good friend.

So, let’s fast-forward to last Friday, August 29th, the start of Labor-Day Weekend. Dan called me at around 4:30pm. We speak nearly every day and several times on certain days. We frequently share new ideas or situations that have occurred to see what opportunities can arise from it. He generally brings the people and ideas to the table and I handle the execution. He was so excited when I answered the phone and was talking fast and it took me a second to even comprehend where it all was going…

“Bro, bro…do you have a cape handy? And your shirt with the “S” on the chest, is that folded up and ready to go? I can get it out of the dry cleaners for you!”

Still not sure what the heck this guy was talking about I tried to hear him out. Between being caught off guard and his fast speak, I wasn’t sure what he was asking me to do until I heard him say, “Hey you don’t know if you don’t ask, right?”

He proceeded to tell me a story about his current girlfriend, let’s call her, “Jane”, who we met once a few months earlier. He asked if she could stay with us for a short time because she had to be out of her apartment in 3 days (at the end of the month) and the new apartment won’t be ready by the first because it didn’t pass the requirements for the government subsidized housing. Still trying to wrap my head around his whole Superman analogy and excitement as if I had won the lottery or something, I was speechless. Trying to keep my composure and fully comprehend the request, I said, “Ok, what exactly is the situation with Jane’s apartment?” Dan jumped in, “Let me just put her on 3-way and she can explain it to you.” Now he was pissing me off. “No Dan, don’t put her on the phone. I need to discuss this with my wife first. Give me a little while and I’ll get back to you.” Baffled at the request I just needed to get him off of the phone to sort it all out.

My wife overheard some of the phone conversation and I filled her in on the details. Despite our online presence and marketing for our businesses, we are extremely private people when it comes to our personal life. Outside of our local neighbors, we can count the number of people who know where we live on one hand because our property (houses, vehicles, etc.) are in trusts and we use private mailboxes. That’s just the way we are, we don’t like unexpected visitors and truly enjoy our privacy. Dan is very aware of this, and unfortunately in our experience with Jane we’ve found that she is quite the opposite. She likes to post selfies online at every opportunity and share lots of details about where she is and what she is doing. Not to mention her career-criminal, a 6’3″ 260-lb ex-boyfriend, who she has a restraining order against for calling her over 700 times in one month! Yes, could we please have that drama and nonsense come into our lives? We really appreciate that, Dan!

In speaking with my wife in more detail we just were not comfortable with Jane staying with us. It had nothing to do with her as a person, since my wife and Jane were friendly and kept in touch after meeting that one time. However, that doesn’t mean that we wanted her under our roof! We felt as if we were being put on the spot which made us both anxious. As promised I called Dan back to try and understand the details more clearly and how long it would be for. When I asked for specific details again to make my wife aware, Dan replied, “That’s why I wanted to put Jane on the phone with you earlier to explain everything.” Trying to keep my head from flying off of my body, I barked back, “I know Dan, but I don’t appreciate you putting me on the spot like that! I told you I wanted to speak to my wife, so show some respect!” Despite my frustration I allowed Dan to put Jane on the phone, but the details were still a bit vague since they didn’t have exact dates as to how long the situation would take to resolve. What I took out of the conversation was that it could be a few days but wouldn’t be more than a few weeks!

We reluctantly agreed but didn’t feel good about it at all. We both had a pit in our stomach from this and felt pressured. A few hours later I would receive a call from my friend Egedio…who I just refer to as “G”. G is one of my closest friends and much like a big brother to me. My wife adores G as well and we both respect his opinion highly. He met Dan before and said what many of you are probably thinking…”Why can’t Dan put his girl up in his place?” That would be the obvious question but Jane lives about an hour North of Dan and was much closer to us making it more convenient…for who though?

G went on to say, “Dan’s driving that nice Cadillac with the automatic starter but we can’t spring for a hotel for his girl for a few nights? Listen, you guys are too nice and that’s why you are feeling this way. Just say “no” so you can feel better and get back to your life.” This made all of the sense in the world…none of us should have to do anything we are not comfortable with and I needed him to be our voice of reason. He even offered the same idea that I had which was to pay for her to stay at a hotel for a few nights. I know, it’s not my problem but we were still in the off-season for Florida and the hotel rates were very reasonable. I figured spending a few hundred dollars to save a whole lot of headaches would be money well spent…and G agreed.

With Egedio’s advice resonating well with me, I called Dan and explained that we couldn’t help out but offered the hotel idea. It turned out not to be necessary, and while Dan seemed fine with everything I still have the feeling that he just doesn’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if he truly understands or not, but the question I have is…

In your opinion, do I still keep Dan around or is he someone I should keep at a distance or consider editing from my life?

December 1, 2016 / admin

Robert Denis Foley III – From Corrupt FBI Agent to Corrupt Assistant State Attorney for Lee County

robert-foleyAssistant State Attorney, Robert Denis Foley III (FBN: 119153), is a man who wears many hats and has many talents. If he’s not executing an illegal wire tap or conducting an unlawful arrest, he is violating peoples’ rights when leading an unlawful search and seizure. And he gets to do it all under the premise of “the law”. How convenient? Then, when he’s all finished, he can testify on behalf of the State Attorney’s Office, his current employer to make sure the agenda of his and his colleagues in corruption sticks. What a country! At least if you are a public official in Lee County, Florida.

On June 28, 2016, Attorney Robert Foley was an FBI agent in Lee County, Florida, when he and his friend, Robert Nichols of the Lee County State Attorney’s Office, executed an arrest warrant signed on June 27, 2016 by the “Honorable” (and I use this term loosely) Judge Archie Ben Hayward, a Lee County Circuit Court Judge, on behalf of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Wow, that was a mouthful! Foley led his SWAT team of agents into my Goshen, New York apartment at 6:00am to wake me and greet me with guns drawn and flashlights in my face. Great way to start the day! Apparently Foley and Nichols were so convinced in advance that Judge Archie Ben Hayward would sign the arrest warrant for them, they were already in New York prior to him doing so. Who knows, maybe they all spent the weekend sightseeing in New York City and enjoying some of the world’s best food and attractions. All at the expense of the taxpayers, and yours truly.

I have not seen the application for the arrest warrant, but it was likely created from fabricated evidence from Joel Soucy and his attorney, Steven E. Smith (FBN: 17764), illegal phone taps, and statements under duress by people Foley and Nichols scared with their FBI and State Attorney influence. My wife and I knew our phones were being tapped, but we had nothing to hide and heard many stories from others who felt the same way. Nichols and Foley confirmed that they had been eavesdropping on our telephonic communication when they terrorized my wife during a forced interrogation minutes after my arrest. They told me a different story, lying about the wire taps, which made me think it was unauthorized and our rights were violated.

If Robert Foley and Robert Nichols were to eavesdrop and intercept our phone conversations they would need to provide an application to a judge based on Florida Statute 934.09. Then again, I was in New York so wouldn’t’ that fall under subdivision 6 of Section 1423 of New York Penal Law or 552-a? Wait, but Nichols and Foley were not in New York when the eavesdropping began, so wouldn’t’ that be a violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 2511 or Title 47 U.S.C. 605? I’m not an attorney so we’ll have to check with Attorney Foley on that one. I do know how to read a little bit and it does seem that the unlawful search on my residence on June 28 2016 and the illegal wire taps prior would violate my 4th Amendment rights under the United States Constitution, as well as Article I and Section 12 of both the New York and Florida Constitutions. Then again, those are just silly pieces of paper. Those oaths of office things they swear to they don’t really matter. This is Lee County, they don’t need no stinking laws!

By September of 2016, Robert Foley had retired from the FBI, probably collecting a juicy pension, and began his new career working for none other than the Lee County State Attorney’s Office as an Assistant State Attorney. Hurray! He and his buddy Robert Nichols are now working in the same building…drinks for everyone!! Foley apparently obtained his law degree and became a member of the Florida Bar last year. Now he has an official license to lie, cheat, and steal. Perfect!

Then, wouldn’t ya know it, at my bond hearing on November 21, 2016, who is sitting there waiting to testify against me, on behalf of his employer and his colleague fellow Assistant State Attorney and prosecutor or my case, James D. Miller?

You got it…none other than Attorney Robert Foley. The hearing was continued to a later date, but it turns out that Robert Foley is a frequent witness for the State on many cases. So, when we do have a hearing with Attorney Robert Foley as a witness, or in his deposition, or at trial, I have a list of questions for him to answer. I know I shouldn’t’ exactly be showing my hand and giving him a slow, underhand pitch right down the plate, but his friends are controlling the court anyway, so who nos if I’ll ever have the chance to get the true answers. I’m trying to change the a venue where the Court Clerk, judges, sheriff and state attorney have not targeted me, but I’m not sure that will happen.

My attorney seems ineffective at this point, and I’d probably be better representing myself. So, if Foley and his cohorts are going to conspire and coordinate their answers, or create documents after the fact to justify and support their crimes, there isn’t much I can do anyway.

This all seems to be a conflict of interest in violation of Article III Section 18 of the Florida Constitution, but state officials in Lee County don’t worry about such minor details like that.